Monday, May 19, 2014

The Week Of

It's officially the week of my first half marathon. I seriously wish I could celebrate and do something running related every day.
I mean I guess I could, but I have that whole thing called a family, and that other thing called dental clinicals. 
At least this weekend we are having a cookout with the two of my fav sister in laws. 
One of them used to be a co-worker, and then she became my landlord, then sister in law, but her sons are like my little brothers, so figure that one out. She even cheered me on at the this same race last year when I did the five mile course. 
You can and should read about it here, because I still have those exact same irrational fears. 
Except this year I can at least tell people... 

"I got fitted for these running shoes, I'm a runner I promise. Please don't kick me out of the race"

My cousin Kassie (who is actually the hubs cousin... I think.. honestly I'm not positive of the relation but I know she's family and if I call 911 I get her) is coming down to cheer me on this year and we are going to go to lunch in Boston after. 

You know how you know you are a true New Englander. When you get excited about the smell of Boston. There is seriously something about that city. It's in the air. The support, the spirit, the community, the life. I don't know what it is but it's amazing. If you ever get a chance to just walk around Boston I highly suggest it. Just take a seat somewhere and breath it in, because that city has a little magic in it. 

The fact that I just went on a rant about the smell of Boston solidifies my New Englander status. 
The iced Dunkins coffee next to the computer also completes it. My pre-workout of choice.

Anyway. This past weekend was amazing. The weather was good, the company was good, the food was good. It got me pretty excited for the race. 
I also found a lot of really great GIF's that totally capture the rollar coaster of emotions I have about the race. 

Peace out home slices!


  1. OMG the Jessie Spanno on pills gif kills me!

  2. My first Half is this weekend too! I still feel like a running imposter sometimes.

  3. Hahaha Jessi Spano... too funny!
    Youre going to do great girl!

  4. Wohoo...You are going to rock this race chica!!

  5. You're going to do awesome!!! I'm so jealous, I wish I could run. I suck at it. haha. I can live through you!!!

  6. You are going to do awesome, boo!! Love you!

  7. Love the gifs!!! Do you make your own or get them off of a site?

  8. You're going to do great!!!! Can't wait to read the recap :)

  9. Hmmm, not sure I understand the GIF with the girl and her Jello -- that one may need some 'splaining ;)