Thursday, May 1, 2014

24...Twenty Frickin Four

I wasn't going to post today because I'm having fillings done this morning and my anxiety is a 20.
Yes I work in a dental office, and yes I watch people get major procedures all day but these are MY TEETH. 
The filling is little and he said I probably wouldn't need to get numb.
I told him he's crazy and I want the epidural... 

I also realized that it's May 1st. 
That means it's my love bugs b-day (Happy Birthday KESHA) my sister-in-law's b-day (Happy Birthday J enjoy you're spaghetti!) and it's officially 24 days until I once again pretend like I'm a runner and waddle 13.1 miles. 

Do you know how far 13.1 miles is. Let me tell you it's far. 

A few people have been asking me when I'm going to go for the full. Here's my short answer
I usually get the "I'm proabably going to have to poop soon" feeling around mile 8-9 which I could easily hold off until I bust out that 13.1 but I would not be able to wait until I reached 26.2 
That means I would need to either suit up in a hazmat suit or beg someone on the street to let me use their bathroom during a race. 
That also means that after I catch up on US Weekly I would still have to run. 
Yeah. No
I just can't.

Maybe if the stars a line and my bowels change their working schedule at some point in my life I will consider it. For now I'm good with 13.1

Besides I already signed up for another half so why would I want to go a ruin a good thing with that whole full marathon thinking. 

Speaking of my half in October you can go donate here! Any little bit helps! Even a dolla!! 

Be sure to look out for my shirt sales because they are amazing. 


  1. Ha ha you crack me up. Halfs are no joke for reals!!!

  2. Girl you are cracking me up right now! I could deal with having an epidural most days seriously and I can't even talk about my dentist issues. Gives me the heebes. I'm a pretty regular runner and "runner's poop" is a serious issue. I have a friend that even before training runs she gets the bubble guts. I always map out a bathroom plan myself and I'm so not about going off course and asking to use a bathroom at a restaurant. My last half I stopped at Krispie Kreme and they gave me a free donut when I left :) good luck with your half training!

  3. hahaha I am glad I am not the only one who, as my boo thang says, gets loosened up by a good workout. I have no shame and love that someone else doesn't either!

  4. Seriously I can barely do a 5k I want to make my way up to a half but well I suck at running even though I love it.

  5. woohoo! You go girl. I have hopes of doing a Full, one day. But I have yet to run a half.. so we shall see! ha

  6. Right on! Love the poop thing, ha ha! Luckily I've never ran that far before to have to worry about it! :)

    P.S. Your package is on it's way!!!

  7. I thought you were super excited for Jack to be back (the "24") *Ü*

    I feel that way about my little ol' 5k ... I really have no plans to attempt to try anything beyond that distance. I wanted to be able to jog the ENTIRE 3.1 miles without stopping and I have. I do plan on doing it again. But I don't plan on upping my distance to a 10k, a half or even think about 24 ...

  8. I can not wait for those t-shirts to go on sale... For real!