Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clean Eating 101

There are so many different diets and theories out there about what you should eat and when you should eat it. Even how you should eat it. 
That's why I love clean eating. 
It's pretty straight forward.

Clean means not processed
This graphic really helps 
Pretty much I do my best to follow one rule 
If I don't recognize the ingredients my body won't either. 
The three things I hear the most from people when they say they can't eat clean is 

I don't know where to start
I have a family and I can't change all of them 
It's too expensive 

Believe me I hear you. I deal with all of the above and then some. I make my best effort 

Simple substitutions are the best way to transition. Start logging your food and see where your weak spots are. I know mine is breakfast and right after lunch.
It's so easy to run to Dunkins and grab a coffee and a donut but in the long run it's not worth it 

I do smoothies for breakfast and I recently tried overnight oats. Amazing 

After lunch all I want is a candy bar so I handle my craving with a lunabar or dried fruit. 

Small changes make a huge difference. You have to find what works for YOU. 

Sometimes it's hard to transition your food when you are in charge of a family! 
Believe me I understand. My husband is super supportive but he loves his food the way it is. Some nights I don't want to cook a million different meals. 

I solve this in two ways. 
I have an arsenal of family friendly recipes that are clean and approved by everyone 
I also make a clean main dish and have two sides. One that's clean like veggies or salad and one that's family approved like cheesy rice or fries. 

Then there's the price. I don't know if you have read my blog before but I'm broke ass. I also hate spending the money I do have! So I eat clean the way I can. 

I buy frozen veggies in bulk unless fresh is on sale. I also but chicken and stock up when those are on sale also. I buy store brand most of the time but I always make sure to read the ingredients! Sometimes store brands are even better than name brands! 

I personally meal plan and prep which saves a ton of money. I plan all of my meals for the week including snacks! This way I have a list when I get to the store and I limit impulse buys. Like birthday cake Oreos... Seriously wtf. 

Last but most importantly do what works for YOU! 

Is there something I missed that you would like to know about? 


  1. It's easy once you get the hang of it. We've been doing overnight oats here too and even my husband loves it. He's more of a bowl of cereal kind of guy.
    Thanks for not being a pretentious bitch about clean eating! SO many people wear it like a badge for everyone to see. I mean, give me a break, who doesn't need a beer sometimes?

  2. Love your honesty! It's very frustrating to hear the people that "100% clean eat" and have no issues and blah blah blah ... come on, we are human!!!! This is a great post and very motivating!!

  3. We save money clean eating for the same reasons you mentioned. Planning out everything and sticking to it limits wasted food, and impulse buys!

  4. I would love if you would share some of your meal ideas! It's the hardest coming up with stuff!

  5. I would love to see meal ideas! I have been getting to eat more clean since January. I also have a son with food allergies (beef, corn, peanuts). So finding recipes that everyone likes is big challenge for us.

  6. I really want to give this a try! Ive been counting calories for years, ive lost nearly 90lbs though but I know I could be healthier

  7. Love this post!! I am actually seeing that I am saving some $$ because I'm not buying so much junk food! Also, planning and meal prep helps me not to waste any food! We tend to waste alot and throw thing away for going bad too quick.

  8. I love this! I have been trying to eat healthy but am never really sure what is the best way to go. This post helps so much!!!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE..Thanks you so much this helps a ton.

  10. I always wondered what "clean" eating meant, haha. Unfortunately the diet I need to start is low fiber and low pretty much everything so that eliminates well, pretty much everything.

  11. Eating clean is more expensive period, but in the end you feel so much better that I think it's worth it. To save money I only buy things when they are on sale, organic grassfed beef was on sale at shaws B1G1 this week so I ended up getting 2 pounds for $8 which I think was a major score.

  12. LOVE THIS!!! Clean eating is the way to go! I like eating Paleo, but it's pretty much the same thing :) I'm pro CLEAN EATING!

  13. I'm very slowly making the switch! And I'm super, super bummed I don't have time to read blogs every day cause maybe then I wouldn't have missed out on your challenge group. I told Alisha you guys need to add me in secretly as number 7!!