Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What me? Irrational?

Sometimes I like to freak out over things are really stupid.
Some people may call it having anxiety or being crazy
I like to think of it as keeping my life fun. 

Sometimes it makes the day go by quicker wondering if my car is going to get washed into the river, when I'm forced to use this parking spot at work. 

I also really enjoy staying up all night because my son switched to his big boy bed and I have visions of him getting decapitated from the side rails.


One of my biggest irrational fears is that a balloon is going to blow up and burn my face off. 
I'm not sure where this even came from but I'm assuming at some point in my childhood I was playing with a balloon and someone told me to be careful because it might pop or explode. 

I hate balloons. I hate blowing them up. I hate popping them. I hate buying them and having to put them in my car. I hate when one slowly falls down to the ground, because there will probably be a shard piece of dust on the floor and KABOOM there goes my face. 

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that for Mabel's birthday I covered her floor in balloons. 

I also hid coupons for things like Mabel and Mommy day, or Stay up Late. 
So excited about getting Mom of the Year I wasn't thinking two steps ahead as to HOW she would get the coupons out of said balloons. 

She woke up and was so excited. Then when I explained about the coupons she ran to wake her brother up to show him. Then she grabbed a balloon and... tried.to.bite.it. 

I'm pretty sure I scared her for life with my over the top reaction of a mix of screaming and crying and hitting the balloon away from her. 

Not wanting to ruin the whole thing for her. I pulled my shit together and handed her a knitting needle, told her to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and hid in the living room in fetal position until the war zone was over. 

She loved it and is so excited to use her coupons. 
Call me crazy but I'm even thinking of starting this a new birthday tradition. 
I'll just need some Valium. 


  1. Irrational, no. Spastic, yes...lol
    I love it!

  2. OMG! That is the funniest shit I have ever heard! You are such a good mom! I would have just been like, sorry party is over hope your birthday was awesome!

  3. Ahhh this cracked me up!! Including your freak out over her biting it and then giving her a knitting needle! I'm glad she had a good birthday and that you survived the balloons :)

  4. ahah!!! the things we will do for our kidlets! I love the coupons or messages in the balloons! I may have to do that in our new house!

  5. Ha ha...LOL. I hate balloons, but the kids have them at every party. I love the coupons in the balloons, awesome idea.

  6. You gave a true representation of what irrational fear is like (I could truly feel the panic it causes you)...but I still laughed out loud at your response to how they were going to get the coupons out.

  7. I immediately thought, if she's so afraid of said balloons, how did yesterday go? HAHAHAHA! Mom of the year! <3 you're freaking awesome.

  8. Wow, you sound like me! I'm not freaked about my face getting burned off from a popped balloon, but I definitely have many irrational fears.

    So I know how to get the coupons OUT, but how do you get them IN? Super great idea, I think I might steal/borrow/use it!

  9. I'm so afraid of balloons, I actually came up with a lame rule that the kids couldn't have any.... They are on to me now so balloons it is! You are an awesome mom.

  10. That just made me laugh out loud!! Love the balloon idea!!

  11. Oh yes- balloons. I hate them being near my children ever since my 21 month old nearly choked to death on a fragment when he bit into one and it exploded. I can't stand balloons now!

  12. I hate balloons too! I'm scared that when I'm blowing up that someone will scare me & I'll suck it into my mouth causing me to choke or that if it pops near me the sound will bust my eardrum or a piece of the balloon will fly into my eyeball causing blindness...the list goes on. I hate balloons! The only thing worse is a clown...with balloons. Eeek!