Thursday, April 10, 2014

Honey Dew and Twizzlers.

Mothers day is coming up.
By coming up I mean over a month away but my husband is freaking out thinking he won't find me the perfect gift. 
As much as I tell him I don't need any gifts he doesn't believe me (good boy)
I've also told him that I think it would be cute to start the tradition of the kids giving me what I craved during labor for Mother's Day. It's cheap, easy, requires no thought, and I still love them both. 

When I was in labor with Mabel I couldn't get enough honey dew melon. 
I believe I ate three.... whole melons. 
If you have any children you are probably thinking to yourself

"She must have done that whole thing naturally because you can't eat when you have an epidural!!"

First, there is no way I would push a bowling bowl out of my lady parts without some meds. 
Second I'm a rule breaker.
In other words, I don't head warnings, and typically end up cursing my own name. 
So the nurses were all no food, and I was all GIVE ME THE FUCKING MELON. 

Then I threw up after every push, and almost died. 

The whole almost dying thing was caused by me thinking I was way more bad ass than I am. 
During my pregnancy the doctors told me I was extremely anemic and I needed to take Iron pills. 
Iron pills suck and I didn't want to take them, so being the young and bratty version of myself I thought

"What's the worst that can happen I need like a blood transfusion or something."

Two actually. I needed two blood transfusions, and a week in the hospital where I was literally dying and not recovering from the amount of blood I lost during birth. 

Totally normal. 

Then I had Chip. 
Chip's birth was insane all in it's own but we just so happened to give birth at like the largest hospital ever (We live in the woods, and my idea of a large hospital is based entirely off of their cafeteria size). 
I wasn't in labor very long but I sent my husband downstairs to re up my supply of Twizzlers about 5 times. 
Thankfully I half listened this time and didn't eat any (or very many) after the epidural, so there was no throwing up. 

What mother wouldn't want to be reminded of that time their Va-jay was ripped open with Honey Dew and Twizzlers! So seriously babe if you are reading this you can put your mind at ease, that's all I want (along with new compression pants and running socks)

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Did you crave anything during labor or pregnancy? Do you have any Mother's Day traditions??


  1. With my oldest (he's 11) we ate i-hop all the time. We tell him that's why he loves pancakes so much!! I had just lost a lot of weight from doing WW and was at my goal weight right before getting preggers...and used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat ALL the good food I had deprived myself of while dieting. Not a wise choice, but it is what it is.

  2. With my oldest son it was cinnamon toast crunch and KFC mashed potatoes and with my youngest pretzels with cheese and blue bell ice cream all day errday ....gross

  3. Dove chocolate and REAL orange juice! hahahaha

  4. Hilarious!!
    My son? Watermelon and Pineapple
    Daughter - chips and salsa

    We won't make reference to the Taco Bell Bean and Cheese burrito habit I had with my son, because frankly I can't fathom eating that right now! but omg they were perfect at the time.

  5. Zach I craved pringles, Libby and Ella I craved fudge...lots and lots of fudge.

  6. I don't remember craving anything with my youngest, but with my oldest, I had a banana popsicle (which I'm allergic too) and a ball field pickle with EVERY meal... and in between. And I wanted Mac & Cheese. not the good stuff. The Kraft powdered kind. MMMMMM....

  7. Oh no that's funny and awful about the honeydew! I was super anemic during my pregnancy too so like a week before delivery I had to get iron infusions. It was weird but ok. Glad I never plan on being pregnant again!