Monday, April 14, 2014

Mabel Mabel Set the Table.

Today is Mabel's 4th birthday and I am in semi melt down mode. 

My little baby girl is growing up and I can't even stop it. 
I had the best pregnancy with her. I was sick but it wasn't unbearable. I was active and I barely gained. I had  heartburn but nothing a few tums couldn't fix. 

Then there was that whole anemia thing. 
The doctor told me I could take iron pills or have iron shots. I hate shots sooo I said I would take the pills. 
Which I took once and felt like I was dying so I continued to pretend I was taking them. 
Then when the time finally came, after two false alarms (me thinking my water broke and it actually just being me peeing myself) and two weeks after my due date, I almost bleed to death on the delivery table. 
I'm pretty sure I saw that look in the doctors eyes through his glasses, while he took 45 min to stop the bleeding and take care of things down there. 
That look of.... 
Told ya so. 
Most parents talk about looking into their baby's eyes when they are placed on their chest and falling in love instantly. 

They put Mabel on my chest and I couldn't raise my arms to hold her. 
I looked at the nurse and asked her to take her, then closed my eyes and woke up the next day. 
I seriously don't remember the first 24 hours. 
I lost a LOT of blood. 
I was so weak I wasn't even allowed to lift Mabel out of the crib by myself. 
I had to ring the bell every time she cried so more often than not she was just in bed with me all the time. 
Finally after two blood transfusions I started to feel normal again and regain my strength. 

The whole time while I was lying in bed slowly dying, in crazy pain Mabel just sat and waited for me. She didn't even lose weight while we were in there. She rarely cried and was seriously the best baby ever. 
The first thing I said to her wasn't I love you, or Happy Birthday it was
"It's you and me against the world baby girl"
Now thankfully we have two more people in our corner. 

So today Mabel turns 4. Happy Birthday to my sassy little princess, whose favorite color is purple, favorite animal is a Zebra and favorite food is bacon. The little lady who loves to sing herself to sleep and can't wait to learn how to ride a bike. Who thinks the word eyeball is the funniest word in the world, and knows all the words to Wreaking ball. 

She told me this morning she's big enough now and I agree. 

Does anyone know how to slow this thing down??


  1. Oh my goodness! How adorable is she?! AND your whole family! Happy birthday to your little lady! It goes by WAY TOO FAST!!

  2. I wish I knew myself! I will be registering my baby girl for Kindergarten next month. I look forward to watching her grow but long for her to stay little.

  3. Awe ;) you are such a sweet mama! You have such a sweet girl! Happy Birthday Mabel! You almost made me cry, which isn't hard these days!
    Love ya!

  4. Hi Candra! I'm a new reader and love reading your blog. Any 4 year old who is sassy enough to have bacon as her favorite food is a good girl! Happy Birthday to her! :)

  5. Awww I love this! Happy birthday to your precious little lady!!

  6. Time goes way to fast!! Happy birthday Mabel! Ella and her would be best friends, their both little divas.

  7. I wish I knew how to slow time down :( great post, happy birthday to your little girl!

  8. I wish!!!! When you find out can you share the details.
    What an awesome post to your sweet peanut

  9. OMG shes amazing!!! Look how cute!! Great job Mama!

  10. Happy (belated now) birthday to your sweet girl!!

  11. How sweet! Happy birthday to your girl! She is so cute. btw, you made me very thankful I took my iron pills.

  12. First of all, I LOVE her Tom Brady jersey! Smart girl! She is such a cutie. :)

    If you find out how to slow things down, please tell me as my oldest is turning sixteen in a few weeks. Eeek!