Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color Me Rad

Somewhere in the craziness that was this past weekend I ran my first 5k race with Mabel in tow. 

I choose to do a color run with her because I wanted something that was fun and would hold her attention...
It worked...kinda. 
I ran a color run last year with my friend Becky which you can read all about here. 
This year we choose a closer location and my Sister in Laws joined in on the fun. 

I didn't really look into the event prior to going assuming it would be similar to the last one. 
We all know what happens when you assume.... 
The course was straight up a road and back down the same road. The color stations were groups together, so there were no surprises. 
Also apparently they won't throw color on strollers. 
Mabel was super bummed every time we ran through a color station and they all just looked at her. 
I finally stopped in the middle of one and told them to get her not me. 

There was one water station which was handing out entire bottles of water. 
Granted this would be great for all the walkers, but there was also no trash cans. 
And the bottles had no lids.... soooo I literally had no idea what to do with it, and it ended up spilling all over Mabels pants. 
She wasn't too thrilled. 
The weather was a bummer but that's uncontrollable. 
We got to the finish line and I told Mabel we could go look for some snacks... except there were no vendors. 
Like none. 
They has sample Larabars which Mabel didn't like and Ben & Jerry's Ice cream for sale for $3 a scoop. 

I think I compared it too much to the last one. Also running with a stroller and a cranky toddler is tough.
My Sister In Laws had an awesome time. They didn't have kids so they were able to get right in the crowd and I'm sure that made a huge difference. 

They saved a bunch of color bombs for Mabel so at the very end she got covered and loved it. 

Either way I would recommend doing a color run. I know this post made it sound horrible but they aren't. They are great for first races and kids that are a little older than mine and able to walk most of the way would love it. I would suggest checking out the course first to see if it's something you would like!

If anything it made for some AWESOME pictures. 

Come back tomorrow to check out my Clean Eating 101 post!


  1. So fun!! I have a color run coming up in May!! I did my first in September of last year--it was so fun!

  2. I love color runs!!! I want to do one!!

  3. I want to do a color run sooo bad! Ive done a wacky socks run that was fun and a 5k for my kids elementary school it was a glow run

  4. Awww sorry to hear your little girl didn't have the awesome time you hoped! She looked like she enjoyed the end being covered in the coloured powder!

  5. Thanks for the info in this post. I am doing the one in Haverhill, MA at the end of May. Mabel is a cutie with or without crazy colors!