Monday, April 7, 2014

This Is my United States of Whatever

As much as I wanted to use this post to bitch and moan about stupid things and stupid people I will practice my new found will power and restraint and I will not.
I will not bitch I will not bitch I will not bitch. 
Okay so let me tell you a little secret about life that will make you succeed in anything from dieting, to training for a marathon, to parenting, to sex. 
Yup the same little secret to succeed at all of those things. 
Do what works for YOU.

Then when everyone tells you how crazy you are and how that's not how THEY do it, just show them your skinny ass, or how much you bench press, or your smiling husband. 
Then smile and back away.

I am dairy and gluten free. 
I also do a fair amount of cardio 
I drink protein shakes and I stick to clean and as minimally processed foods as possible.
Sometimes I lift heavy and sometimes I just lift my kids 
I can't do weekly cheat meals because they tend to turn into cheat weekends.
I also like to weigh myself after I pee.
I don't shower every day and I don't let my kids drink soda. 
When I run I unleash my inner geek and listen to podcasts about the science between being left handed and right handed. 
I listen to rap in the car by myself and Disney with my kids. 
I sometimes get down about my progress and I have a real hard time listening to all the advice I give, but I keep going.
So far it seems to be working for me.

No matter what you do you will find people who will tell you it's wrong or that it's all bullshit. 

Well if it works for you then fuck them. 
Don't get wrapped up in someone else's plan. If you don't stick with what works for you, you won't stick with it. 

That's not to say you shouldn't step out of your comfort zone because that's where the magic happens BUT you shouldn't do it because someone tells you it's the only way. 

The best part is there is probably someone reading this thinking "she's doing this all wrong" and I could be but I'm doing it and doing it and doing it well.


  1. You are fabulous and I love your face off!!!

  2. Love ya! Keep on keeping on....

  3. Yes! Everyone thinks they're right and maybe they are...for them, but we have to do what works for us! You're amazing and I adore you...even if you don't eat cheese :)

  4. I love this and you are so right!

  5. Oh I love this so much, like super puffy with cream cheese and bacon on top love it!!! Can I just cut and paste it on my blog?? lol--
    You rock and you are doing so amazing! Keep doing you!!

  6. Everyone's road to success is different. I get on my soapbox about crap like this all the time. How I see it is, it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you get there and nobody dies. Keep being you and keep being awesome!

  7. You are awesome girl... I love this entire post! Everything you said is SPOT ON!

  8. I love this!! Through trial and error I've learned what my body does and doesn't like. A lot of people would tell me I'm wrong- but they can't argue with results! Good for you (and your results!) Although if you said you don't like chocolate I don't think we could be friends;-)

  9. You are effing fabulous ! And 100% right. I work with all woman and everyone is always "dieting" trying to sell their way, but I just go along my merry way and do what I do and know what I'm down 50 lbs ... So now what :)

  10. Great inspiration and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets down over their progress (or lack there of at times)

  11. I love every single word of this. You're awesome!

  12. One of my main mantras in life is "I do what I want." You go girl!

  13. I always hear it from people when I tell them I crossfit and really I just wanna say fuck off, but then I'd probably get in trouble haha

  14. Preach it sister. Do what works for you and everyone else can suck it, unless you ask for help. You are doing great and I'm proud of you!!