Friday, April 25, 2014

I Like Lists

I really like lists.
I make them all day er day. 
Sometimes I make a list of the lists I need to make... okay I don't go that far, but I'm thinking it may be a good idea..

I have a lot of new readers (Hi I love you!) as well as some old readers who still love me (Hey mom!)

So I decided to celebrate my list loving nature with a list of some old posts that contain lists. 
 Try and use the word list more times in one sentence, I dare you!

Apparently I also like the number 5.  

Which one was your favorite?

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  2. I am the SAME way! I have lists everywhere and my husband thinks I'm totally insane .... and I love your "You Know You're a Mom When" post ...

  3. You're silly but I love you just the same...Do you want a list of why I love you???
    1) you support me
    2) you're funny
    3) you make me smile and laugh
    4) you have the same unhealthy relationship with the scales as I do.....shall I go on???

  4. I make a list for everything! Its the only way I can get myself organized