Friday, October 25, 2013

You're Not as Crazy as You Think, You're Welcome.

Everybody has weird quirks that they think nobody else does but Steph over at SMD pointed out to me this morning that  she shares one of mine so I feel a little less crazy today.
We both make our beds in a certain way and get upset if it's not perfect. 
I love finding out that something i do that makes me feel crazy isn't so crazy after all. 

So my gift to you is this....

Five Things You Thought You Were The Only One Who Did. 

1.  Make a bucket with your hands in the shower and see how much water you can collect and then let it splash on the floor.
 Personally I cross my arms and see how much water I can collect between my boobs before I splash on the floor, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy that does us
2.  When you're on a long phone call you pace the entire house
When I'm on the phone for longer than five minutes I find myself standing in places in my house that I've never stood before.
I typically end up in my daughter's room or in the bathroom staring creepily out the window
I really don't get it.
3. You rehearse arguments in your head just in case they ever happened
When I was little I used to play out conversations I would have with celebrities in case I ever met them.
I have yet to use any of those conversations but believe me I've got some good ones stored, you never know when I'm going to meet Laura Ingalls Wilder (or the person who played her who in my head is the real Half-pint)

4. You spell Wednesday like wed-nes-day in your head every time you write it
 I also do this for emergency, like EM-ER-GEN-CY....yes I know that one doesn't really make sense, but in my head it does.

5. You sometimes stop the microwave before it reaches 1 so you can pretend you are defusing a time bomb.
I do this every morning when I'm making my breakfast, because said time bomb is real
and it's called my kids.

How many of these describe you? By the way my quirk was not even on the list so thank God Steph said she does the same! 

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  1. YES to 2,3 and 4!! I can't ever stand or sit still while on the phone!!

  2. I hold my boobs in the shower. Like I said... we are one in the same.

  3. I do the bucket and rehearsing conversations in my head. I take a lot of baths so I also see how much water I can collect behind my ass before standing up. And those conversations are with myself, I'm not even rehearsing them to have with someone else. I argue with myself in my head. I used to think I was schizophrenic.

  4. Yes to everything except #5 and I can't hold water with my boobs, there's just not enough of them!

  5. haha this is hilarious! Especially number three with Laura, that is too cute! and I ALWAYS do that for Wed-nes-day!

  6. I am the grand master of argument rehearsing. I can totally work myself up doing this. And pump my fist in triumph when I (of course) win the argument.

    I spell and say wed-nes-day.

  7. I totally spell Wednesday like that EVERY time!! I cup water in my hands, but not my boobs. Thanks for the suggestion! Lol! And I used to pretend I WAs as Laura, I even had my mom get me a dress India like hers. Yikes! I hope there's no pictures!

  8. Get out of my head this is amazing and I have that same gif as #1 for a post next week I didn't steal it I promise.

  9. Um.. I totally do 1-4! I also spell BUS-I-NESS to make sure I spell business right.

  10. I am a professional argument rehearser in my head, I can get myself soo damn fired up and my heart races. It's not healthy really ;) lol

  11. GUILTY x5! LOL You rock honey!

  12. Ughh...are you my twin?? I think we share a brain. lol.

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