Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It Happened.

Yesterday at work it started....
Holiday Season.

Working at Dentist Office we get lots of gifts sent to us to thank us for referrals and what's the best thing to send to a Dentist Office?
Oh thats right, sweets. 
Cake, cookies, chocolate, candy, crack.

Yes please send 12 dozen homemade cookies to our office of 3 PEOPLE. 
I also work up front, so I sit and stare at it all day. 
I have long had an issue of over eating, and while I have never let it get to an extreme point, I walk a very fine fine line. 
Personally for me a serving size is the box, or carton. Not 1. Duh. 
This Saturday is my first weigh in for my Biggest Loser Challenge. So technically this week doesn't count.
So why did I start this week, and I why did I not eat all of those cookies and that loaf of banana bread that looked perfectly moist and probably has banana chunks throughout it, with hot melted butter on top?
Because I know the first three weeks are the hardest, so why not get a jump start. 
Already this week I have had Twizzlers, Pizza, french fries, Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream and a soda womp womp. 
That is worse than I have been in awhile. 
I get in the mind set before I start a challenge that I need to say good bye to all the foods I love.
Then I binge, like big time.

Food is such a mind game. 
I kept telling myself yesterday 
"If I wait until 3 I can eat a cookie, but if I wait til 4 I can eat two"
Why am I rewarding myself for not eating snack, BY EATING SNACKS. 
Why am I rewarding myself with food at all. 
It never makes me feel good, which rewards are supposed to do. I always feel guilty after, and feel like a failure. 
I also tend to let one bite of bad food ruin my whole day. 
The whole "Well my diet today is shot so I might as well finish the entire cake" theory
That's my favorite theory, and also my least favorite.
I know there is a bazillion books out there on eating habits, such as Mindless Eating which I have wanted to read since college, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to dive into that.

Tiffany over at The Fit Train is having a Fit 4 Christmas Challenge that I climbed aboard on (see what I did there).

I'm pretty sure I'm going to try some Advocare products during this challenge and I promise I will be upfront and honest about all of them. I'm also thinking about becoming a distributor so I can get the discount so if you want to order from me let me know... That is probably the last time I will say that PROMISE!

On Monday's I will tell you my weight from the weigh-in's on Saturday and I will tell you how I'm feeling. Whats working and whats not. I also promise to add any good and healthy recipes to my recipe tab up top (don't bother looking now there's nada!).

You can follow me on Instagram where I post a lot of sweaty pictures and pictures of me crying over cake. womp womp.

If you are looking to send some extra cheer to someone this holiday season, or looking to make a new blogging buddy you can join JustJacq's Post Exchange. Sign ups are going on right now.
This is the second time I have done it and I got to meet the wonderful Kaara. She has an Etsy site with amazing pieces that are extremely reasonably priced. She informed me that she has kept her love for Billy (Bill Clinton) in the closet for too long and that because of me she is waving her love flag high! She recently did a huge overhaul in her AMAZINGLY LARGE closet and if I lived closer I would have been there like a little circus monkey collecting all the discards.
I love me some hand-me-downs.... You hear me Kaara... you have my address!!
Go show her some love and sign up for Post Exchange, you may be lucky enough to get yours truly and let me tell you I am in the crafty mood lately!


Tomorrow is Halloween, and it's probably going to get rained out... yay New England....


  1. Mindless eating is such a thing for me. But I kinda enjoy eating while I'm watching tv or driving. Its bad. I knowwwww

  2. I totally reward myself with food too, and cheer myself up with it.. it's such a bad habit! I also do the binge eating thing before I start a diet/clean eating plan too, and I wish I wouldn't!!

  3. So glad to have you join in! I hear ya with the whole day is blown thing... I'm horrible about that!

  4. Mindless eating is totally a thing for me. So is stress eating and I'm bored eating.

  5. Well I would love to send you something ;) I probably will but I don't know your sizes... Shoe, tops, etc! Lol we need to start texting I think haha... I mean that in the least creepiest way! Also it was customer giving day at my work too... Not only did we get "healthy" cookie bites, we got a huge bowl of kisses and fancy soaps... It was odd.

  6. I'm right there with you! I'm starting a new challenge with my trainer on Saturday and for the past week or so all I've wanted to do is sit on my butt and eat junk! I even packed a healthy lunch and a gym bag today. Too bad we had a surprise going away party for a coworker. I totally binged then skipped the gym 'cause I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten sick from overeating just before working out. Tonight is trick or treat here and I'm already stuffing candy in my face. Augh!

  7. So hard to say no to all of that yummy stuff!!!!

  8. Hello my dear! I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award, deets are over on my blog :)

  9. Ok, I work in a dental office too and people are always brining us in treats. All. The. Time. Especially during the holidays!! It's awful!! I need to try to find some willpower to not over indulge, and maybe, just maybe, get to a point where I'm comfortable with myself again!! Good luck to you in the challenge!! And good job with the willpower! Cookies are the devil!