Monday, October 14, 2013

My Wish List...and a Giveaway

I love shopping, and looking online for new things.
At all time I have a list of things I want to buy for myself.
This drives my husband crazy
Not because I am spending too much money,
but because I NEVER BUY THEM.
I will pine over something for weeks and my husband is always saying JUST GET IT ALREADY. Starting this blog has not only connected me with amazing women, but has also shown me amazing women who make AMAZING things.

I have already talked about Frosted Willow on Etsy before, because I love her bangles. I follower her on Instagram (@frostedwillow), and she is always posting pictures of new bangles, and I want to buy them all. Especially this one.
I love tree and leave things, this braclet is right up my alley!

I also follow Casey on Instagram , because she's super inspirational when it comes to working out. Girl has a body on her I can only dream about. I noticed one day she had a link on her profile to an Etsy shop and I fell in love. I have seen these types of hairties all over the place. I almost always have an elastic on my wrist so the thought of it actually matching my outfit or jewlery is brilliant. I love this Chocolate Ombre one, because my entire wardrobe is brown.
Would it be bad to wear them all at one time?

Kaara from In the Kitchen with Kaara was my partner for this months Post Exchange from Jacquelyn at JustJacq. We have both commented a few times, that we were the perfect match. I'm pretty sure if she lived in my town we would be sitting on my front porch right now drinking wine or coffee. She is crazy busy and has a million things going on right now. She sells Advocare (love me some spark) works full time AND has an Etsy shop where I found these gems. 
Can't I just be wearing them now?!
If you also like all of these items, you are in luck, because I bought them, and I'm giving them away!!!
Since I can't justify buying them for myself I might as well buy them and give them away right?!

You have until Friday to enter so spread the word and may the odds be ever in your favor (yeah I'm a nerd AND WHAT).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm a little new to using Rafflecopter so in the comment section just write DONE!


  1. That bangle is so cute! Reminds me of the Alex & Ani bangles that are popular right now.

  2. I love bracelets. I wear at least one daily!

  3. That bracelet is gorgeous!!
    You're my partner for the Fall Swap, I just tried to email you and it didn't work! What is your email address, I'll try again!!

  4. Love the bracelet!! And now I am following you :)

  5. Awe lady you are too sweet. I would so love to have a friend like you living in my town! That would rock!!