Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to My World- Guest Post

I first met Jamie at my "brother's" cookout.
She was his new girlfriend.
She's no longer his girlfriend and he's no longer my "brother" but I love them both the same.
When met Jamie she came in loud and strong, and my husband leaned over and whispered
"She's a little much for me"
I turned to him and smiled and said
"She's perfect"

Do you ever met someone and immediatly want to be them their best friend.
That's how I felt about Jamie, and I didn't even know her yet.
The more I get to know her the more I love her, and hate how far away she lives.

I'm so thankful she agreed to do a guest post, honestly I think she needs her own blog.


Welcome to My World

Newflash… Im OCD. And I think ADD. This may jump, shuffle, and skip. Kind of like the 80’s mix-tape that I’ve downloaded onto my iPod.

When asked to write a guest post, I of course jumped & said yes. And yet- I’ve rewritten, pondered, edited & changed 92,364 times. Sweet. It’s not the NY Times, nor writing an entrance essay for college. Then my parents showed up for wine… and this is late getting to Candra. Welcome to my world.

“Camo & Lipstick” is as perfect of a juxtaposition as “Stilettos in the Mud”, a name for a blog I’ve been toying with for years. The main, huge, difference is Candra throws caution to the wind, jumps at the risk & goes with gusto- with sass & passion I might add! Then there’s me… realizing I am all of the traits above, combined with the potential inability to dig my heels in & go for it, for fear of putting myself out there without acceptance, or the worry of not being of interest. Welcome to my world.

I am a Jersey girl. Through & through. I wear stilettos. I dance in my walk-in closet. I swoon the fact that I enjoy accessories, love things with bling, & am nearly always more dressed for an occasion than the bulk of the people attending the same event. My boyfriend named me “Jersey Girl” in his phone, and has been know to literally paint it on the wall. 

And yet--- I live in a rural area of Vermont where Crocs, camouflage clothing, and country music is prevalent. (Let’s not delve into the fact that it’s the fall… which apparently not only means foliage, but also gun racks, home coming’s to small rural towns where most don’t actually leave, and those eager people dusting off the dead Christmas Wreaths that have been up all year but feel they’re now ahead of the game for this year).  People constantly say “you’re not from around here”… Well- I never will be officially “from” here, but after 8 years, I call VT home for now, and love the life I have created. I wear my fur coat in the winter, stilettos in mud season, and usually have an “emergency” hairspray in my purse. Welcome to my world.

I met Candra during a time in my life that seems so long ago. So foreign, And yet so imperative to whom I am today. I quickly felt a connection to a person that I had seemed to have little in common, and yet, an immediate fondness for. Married for more 10+ years, I realized divorce was the best decision for my ex-husband & I. NOT an easy choice, however, the right choice at the right time. Candra was the “sister-in-law” to the gentleman I was dating at the time. It’s a puzzling time in someone’s life- a time of uncertainty as to the decisions we make, the friends we have, and the future that may be in store for us. People left my world that I never imagined would. And people came into my life that I cherish & never would have met without the situation unfolding. I’m blessed for all of this. I have met the man of my dreams whom I know I will happily spend the rest of my life in pure joy, and am extremely fortunate for this.  I have a super relationship with John, my ex-husband, and feel lucky to be able to say this. Candra, & her mom Sharon, are byproducts of the time in my life that I was finding myself… never could I have imagined to have found forever-relationships with two women who inspire me, that I feel such a strong connection with, and whom I cherish. Life is good when we’re true to ourselves in the decisions we make.

My ex-husband. My father. And my world… the love of my life. I count my blessings daily!

I love organization.
I love striving for better.
I yearn to be as happy as I have been for the past year, for the rest of my life. (and know this is possible).

I don’t ever want to hear “you have cancer” again. Twice is enough.
I never want the “fat girl” to come out of me again.
I don’t desire those I love to ever wonder… I tell them every chance I get that they make me who I am.

I cherish my world.

I’ve been dealt a hand that involved more than the average 67 year old would have to deal with. I’m 35. I’m happier today than my dreams ever allowed me to think was possible. Moral of the story- DREAM BIG…Bigger than you can, go beyond. I’m in the process of figuring what will make me happy professionally, but personally- my head shakes daily that this life is mine. I count my blessing… and owe it all to my travel buddy, my partner in crime, and the one who makes me smile even when lifting at the gym on a Sunday (when all I’m really wanting is a big burger & a huge glass of wine!).

I set goals all the time. They are either added to a current list, or replacing goals I’ve achieved. Some are immediate, more like a to-do list. Some are long-term. Some are constant, as if reminding me to do a particular thing or be a better person, and some are always there to allow me to strive to be better.

Some current goals on my list… In no certain order:
·         Pack for Mexico (note… I'm late on this- we leave in 36 hours)
·         Paint the stairs
·         Christmas list (note… I JUST dropped LAST year’s Xmas gifts to my niece & nephews. I suck. Welcome to my world.)
·         Get my travel blog up & running
·         Move to the Seacoast
·         Spend my forever with D.Bennett Williams
·         Send Candra the blog entry. 

Guess I can check one goal off. But… I think I’ll leave it on there. I’d like to do this again. I’d like to share the healthy recipes that allow us to keep the “fat” away. I’d like to tell how I achieve goals in my life, and how stilettos in the winter CAN be mainstreamed into VT life! Maybe some travel ideas… or just to check another to-do off my list!

Shoot… I haven’t made lunches for tomorrow & its 10:33pm. And I promised Candra this would be to her mid-afternoon. Welcome to my world.



I hope to have many many many more guest posts by this wonderful lady because she forgot to mention her INSANE fashion sense, her AMAZING cooking skills, and her SMOKIN body. 

She signed up for a Tough Mudder, by herself... sigh, seriously can't I just be her already. 

Oh yeah she crafts too. 

If you think she needs her own blog like I do make sure you comment below and let her know!!

On the Blog Tomorrow: Lauren's Marathon, & My new hair! 


  1. Both of you sound like so much fun! I think Jamie needs to get her blog up and running and move to the seacoast. Then the 3 of us can have a seacoast blogger meetup for beer.

  2. Great post! I live in VT!!!!

  3. I just got a Steam Wallet card pin for free! :D