Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Holly,

I have no idea what to write about today.
Like...nothing... I've got nothing. 
I need to have some pre-planned post's for days like this. 

A few nights ago Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally posted a heart wrenching story about her pup. We have a mini dachshund who I love to pieces so my heart broke for her. 
I love Holly and her Hubs, and her blog was the one that inspired me to start my own. 

I wanted to post something to lighten Holly's day so hopefully this makes her happy, and doesn't freak her out haha. 

5 Quick Reasons Holly and I should be Best Friends. 

1. We both love Bill Clinton. If we were friends when she got her tattoo, you bet your ass I would have a matching one. 

2. She loves things clean. When my husband and I moved into our new house the first thing I did was scrub the shower with bleach and didn't let anyone touch it for 2 days. 

3. She drinks beer.. Don't get me wrong I love me a good bitch mixed drink, but there is nothing that beats an ice cold beer.
4. She's a little neurotic... I feel that if you aren't a little crazy you aren't trying hard enough. 
5. She loved her Doxie, and I love mine, even though when she eats my new underwear I want to scream.

So yesterday I left a comment on Mamalaughlin's page telling her if she was going to do it I would to.
Then she emailed me back...
I'm going to compete in a binkini comp. 
Who knows when (I'm hoping next year but gravity and my boobs are telling me otherwise) but it's on my list. 

Thats all I got for you.
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  1. Candra! You just made my day. Seriously. I just saw your comment on HJ's page and decided to click over. So I texted him what you wrote and he said you wrote something on my FB(No clue since I am at work). But THANK YOU.

    And I really laughed out loud at the part about eaten underware... because Cahuncey would eat mine... but only the dirty ones. BARF!! And good luck training! You and Brandi are defintely pretty enough!

  2. Wow...A bikini contest. you ladies got this!! I'll be in the audience ready to serve you an ice cold beer..I'm good at that!!lol

  3. A bikini contest!!! Good for you!! You can totally do it! I'll be cheering you on the whole way!