Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Much Thanks

I'm linking up for Thankful Thursday again this week.
Does anybody have those people in your life that are so negative it's draining?
Even when they have so many things to be positive about they turn it around?
I am going to be honest I do NOT know how to deal with people like this.
My gut instinct tells me to throat punch them but all my years living in society has taught me that's only okay if you are a celebrity 
So instead I sit and listen and nod and it only reminds me of all the things I'm thankful for in life.
There are people MUCH worse off

I've been to 3rd world countries and I have seen levels of poor that you can't even fathom.
Hell there's those levels of poor in our own country.
What am I ranting and raving about?
Be thankful. Period.
Be gracious.
Be positive.
Be nice.

I have way too many things in my life to be thankful for to list in one little post so I'm going to name just a few from this week.

1.) All of you! I reached 26 followers ( actually more!) That means GIVEAWAY!!!! Make sure you come back Monday for the big giveaway post! I am also thankful for all those readers who don't follow because to me they are equally important 

2.) Sami over at Simply Sami for letting me guest post. It was loads of fun 
Simply Sami

3.) My paycheck because it allowed me to pay off a credit card which in turn allowed me to register for a half marathon....
Hope you are ready Joni.
4.) DVR. I have kids and kids like kid shows. Enough said.

5.) The Government, now hold on. I know what your thinking and I don't agree with what they are doing in the slightest but before they decided to be crazies they fixed a wrong which allowed us to buy groceries which were long overdue. So thanks guys now get back to work.

What are you thankful for this week? Don't feel very thankful? Then just be thankful you are alive and that people care about you ( chances are if you are reading this I care about you a whole awful lot!)   


  1. I totally get what you mean. The negativity bothers me most on fb and I unfriend people when they post too many "give me attention" statuses. My biggest pet peeve is when they complain and whine and then when someone comments asking what's wrong they say to private message them because they don't want everyone to know... then why did you update your status!? Ugh. one thing I do try to remember though is it's all relative and maybe they are complaining about something trivial to forget about something much bigger. But I do definitely want to punch them in the throat too. Congrats on 26 followers!

  2. Dropping by from Thankful Thursday link up. You are so right about negative people! I understand everyone has bad days and needs to rant sometimes but there's a different between taking a minute to get things off your chest and complaining about every single thing that goes "wrong"!

  3. Candra, I am THANKFUL that you came into my life! As for the tiny little writing under the Boston's Run to Remember, I can only imagine that this means that you hope I am ready to be there to support you...:) If that is the case then the answer is yes! Because you know that I am NOT a runner.... put me in the woods I will hike a 1/2 marathon but not run!

  4. Keep it up lady :) Thank you for linking up again this week. I totally need the link up by Thursday for sure.. Keep on inspiring others <3

  5. I am thankful for great people in the blogging community!
    Thank you for signing up for our friendly fall swap! Cant wait to get you all partners :)

    Tomorrow is last day for sign ups, help spread the word :)

  6. I'm with ya on the DVR and negative people.

  7. I'm thankful for the beautiful fall weather we have been having, and my awesome hubby (who's birthday was this week!). I'm totally with you on not knowing how to deal with negative people. My boss can be super negative and it just brings the whole office down. I try to point out the positive things, but it almost just makes it worse!

  8. That made me laugh. Only celebrities get to, lol!

    Yes there is soooo much to be thankful for and we all need those reminders sometimes. I'm with Jacq, can't handle those status updates either!!