Monday, October 28, 2013

Inspiration Station with a Mermaid.

Hey everyone, hope you are recovering from the weekend nicely, because I am not.
My friend Lauren talked me into told me about a Biggest Loser Challenge in her town, which I decided to do. 
If I really want to do this competition thing I need to get serious about it and get rid of those last 10 pounds. 
Before I start something like this I always get in the mind set that I need to say "goodbye" to all my favorite foods, and I tend to go crazy. 
I ate horrible this weekend, and I'm paying for it now. 
Thankfully I prepped all my meals for this week, and started to keep track of calories consumed and calories burned to see what works best for my body (eating back calories or creating a deficit). I'll keep you updated. 
When I have these bad food days, weekends, weeks, I turn to a friend I met through Instagram. 
I've been hounding her about writing a guest post for me, and she's been a little reluctant. 
Last night I get a random email on my phone, and it's her guest post. 
So here she is, and get ready because although she doesn't always believe it her transformation is AMAZING, and keeps me going, oh and her mermaid hair.

Hello blog world. I'm Marcia. Go ahead and say it...Marcia Marcia Marcia. Now that that's out, I have no idea what I am doing here but, when Candra asked me to guest post on her blog (even though this is totally out of my element) I knew I HAD to do it! 
Candra and I met on Instagram a few months back. When I found out we shared the same obsession of a few fit instagram ladies I knew it was fate! We clicked immediately. So I'm not the only crazy person dreaming of having a couple thousand IG followers, and a nice body to go along with it. ;)
In all honesty Instagram has brought me closer to having just that!!
I've sorta been in a little rut lately. Since March 13' I've lost a whopping 65 pounds! Sure I've had cheat meals here and there but I've been 90-95% consistent with sticking to eating only clean foods, and exercising 5-6 days a week. I'm so proud of how far I've come because I put in sooo much work! It's not easy!! I feel a little burnt out on the whole eating clean and exercise movement. I guess you could say I've sorta hit a plateau. Or just lost all patience for waiting for the rock hard body I dream of!! I've worked soo hard! Can't I just have it already?? So for the past 2 weeks or so I've not done a single workout and have stuffed my face with all the delicious food I've deprived myself of for so long. 
It is Fall and I just CANT say no to Pumpkin anything! :)
Here's where I started....

And Where I'm at today...

might as well put my "mermaid" hair on display too. Candra teased you all with :)

I've come so far!!! I'm well aware stuffing my face, and not exercising is not going to get me any closer to the goals I have set for myself, (I hope to compete in a bikini comp. next year!) in fact, that's the exact reason I was as big as I was last March. 
I guess you could say I've sorta been waiting for some sign, or reason to get back on track and it came to me this weekend.
My family has a annual Halloween party. My 12 siblings and our little families get together just for a reason to create all those Halloween themed food items we've been pinning on Pintrest all year long! And of course another reason for the kids to wear their costumes. While I'm indulging myself in all the delicious food brought, and I'll be honest I mostly kept my hands in the pumpkin cookies (We wont say how many of those I inhaled), we all joke about eating more than 10 cookies a piece (except I'm not joking) my sister says 
"No big deal I'll just pull a "Marcia" 
"Whats a Marcia" I say? 
They continue on about doing "The Marcia" as they call it. Even adding a ridiculous dance in saying "The Marcia" over and over. I knew they were talking about the transformation I was able to pull off. 
Then it hit me than that my transformation has made some sort of impression on them. 
It made me feel good. 
My family is not the most over weight family but, each of us could loose a few pounds. I sort of feel like a positive role model.  I'm now looked at as inspiration, and motivation for them to loose weight themselves. It was a great moment.
Since that night I've got myself back on track!! No more overindulging in too many unhealthy treats. I know everything in moderation is okay. But I know I have to be consistent in eating healthy and exercising if I'm going to reach my goals!! And I WILL reach my goals! We all can reach whatever goal we have with some self discipline,determination and consistency. 

So I hope maybe I can inspire someone else to "pull a Marcia" 

Thanks Candra for asking me to Guest Post. It was fun!! And Maybe just MAYBE I'll be back in the future!
Happy Monday everyone!! 

Well one thing is for sure, that girl def keeps me motivated. She forgot to mention she has three very active (and insanely cute) little boys at home, and recently went back to work after being a Stay at Home Mom. 
Girl's got a full schedule and still makes time to pop that booty at the gym. 

On the Blog Tomorrow: Fall Friend Swap Reveal!! 


  1. None of the pictures worked :( But, it is still such a great story and a great inspiration!

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