Friday, October 18, 2013

Five things I Learned From the Circus

Sami from Simply Sami was the winner of the giveaway!!
I promise it was not rigged, and I couldn't be happier she won.
She just moved into a new house and she could DEF use some "Mommy Only" presents.

I feel like as soon as you have kids you forget to give to yourself.
When I was in college T.J. Maxx sprees and hair salon trips were on the reg.
Now if I EVER go to TJ's I find myself in the kids section the whole time, womp womp.

So congrats Sami!! Head on over to her page here and congratulate her!! 

Mabel and I went to the circus a few weekends ago.
Neither one of us had ever been so I was super excited
She was skeptical 

Our seats weren't that great but there was so much going on it didn't really matter 

After the show we were tired and over stimulated.
Mabel could have given two shits about anything circus related and was only concerned with her lack of face painting
Which at $12 a pop mommy was not going to do. 
If anything going to the circus did show me some things I'm doing wrong in my life 
So here is my list of 

Five Things I Learned From the Circus 

1. I am obviously using the wrong conditioner 

2. My yoga poses are not as cool as I thought they were

3. My well trained dogs are actually not trained at all. 

4. My anxiety levels levels do not mesh with the caging of wild animals while some idiot try's to play patty cake with them 

5. You can put lions and tigers and elephants in front of a three year old and they aren't going to think they are half as cool as her popcorn which then sat in my car for a week.
and then I ate it.....

Some bonus things I learned, 7 pm shows are not good for 3 year olds. The food is INSANELY priced, The VIP tickets are worth the get to sit on the floor with the clowns. 
*we got our tickets for free so free is always worth it*

I mentioned earlier in this post that I used to get my hair done on the reg, and I think it's long overdue that I pamper myself a little. 
So I think today's the day. 
I'm changing up my hair... nothing drastic, but hopefully I feel good after. 
If you can't wait til the reveal on Monday you can follow me on Instagram here (@candra_ellen) 

Until then Happy Weekend!! The Hubs is going moose hunting up north so I'll be a single mom this weekend.... sounds like movies, kid shows, snacks, and park visit all weekend!!


  1. hi from the linkup!!! how fun! a circus edition. love it! i haven't been in wanting to go!

  2. I'm embarrassed about how long I had to look at #2 to figure out what was happening. lol.

  3. ha! yes, what kind of conditioner are they using? I did snort laugh though at the popcorn comment. How true is that!?

  4. Found you through "He Calls Me Grace". I think we're both using the wrong conditioner! haha! And I love eating leftover/cold's definitely a weakness of mine!

  5. The circus looks so much fun! I love all the things you learned ha =)
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

  6. You are hilarious ... the yoga poses comment! This is just too funny! Great post :)

  7. The circus looks so fun. We seen a commercial for the circus last week and my daughter told me we cant go since I'm afraid of clowns :)

  8. Hi from the linkup! Your five cracked me up; I absolutely LOVED it. I have never been nor have my kids. I think I need to go and do some research about that conditioner... --Becky

  9. This post made me laugh - love it!