Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Damn You Caleb

There's so many things I want to say So what to this week!
Just so this post doesn't turn into 10 pages I will modify my list for ya

This week I am saying So What if....

....I had a horrible horrible food day on Monday like Zebra cakes, cookies, and brownies bad. Amber from CHM was sweet enough to return my pleading email reminding me that everyone has bad days but not everyone can pick themselves back up

....I'm already thinking about my next giveaway when I reach 100 followers. I love giving gifts!
....Every muscle in my body is sore today and it's only Wednesday 
Yay for gym hair!

....I got pissed that I felt like a fictional character was or is going to cheat on his fictional girlfriend just because he's on his own series now (ie Caleb on PLL) 

....I'm finally going to have a girls night out soon (hopefully Friday) and even though I told her we should just go to dinner, we are going to the bar.
....I've given up my search for the coveted Pumpkin Cheesecake Ben and Jerry's. It would probably result in over eating anyway and in the mean time I'll just be over here... Crying on my rice cakes 

This is also thanks to Amber haha. 

What are you saying So what to this week? Can't wait for my giveaway? Here's some that are going on right now and in the mean time grab my button, spread the word! This giveaway is going to be good I promise!

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  1. I almost don't want to watch Ravenswood because I'm pissed they put Caleb in it. Does that mean Caleb won't be in PLL anymore? I love him!

  2. Ahhhhh I forgot Ravenswood premiered!!! I need to watch this nowwwww

  3. Oh no I really hope Caleb doesn't do that! But it looks like from the preview of the winter premiere of PLL that he is still on PLL too so hopefully that means they don't break up!

  4. Ummm yes if Caleb cheats I will hit him hahahah (maybe not it may break my tv)

  5. Hold the phone. I am so behind on PLL (no spoilers!), but now he's on a different show!? I can't take it. P.S. I'm up at the gym just working on my fitness, too! Weight lifting like cray!

  6. Wait, there's pumpkin cheesecake B&J? I need to get on the hunt.

  7. What the hell are zebra cakes?!?! Why don't we have good snacks like this up here?