Monday, October 28, 2013

Friendly Fall Swap

I was so excited to do this swap especially because I saw a lot of my favorite bloggers participating and some I was excited to check out. 

I got paired with Jodi from Love and Crayons and I immediately stalked her blog. 
She has two adorable little boys that almost made me want another one right now. 
I also creeped her Instagram and hoped that she was going to send me a bunch of boxes of cookies. 
She didn't Thank Goodness because I don't need them. 
When the box came I was super pumped. 
First off if this swap has an award for most tape used I would like to nominate Jodi. 

I'm sure she didn't plan for it to arrive on arm day but holy. 
My little trembling arms were struggling with this haha. 
Once I got it open I was so surprised by all the goodies. 
read the card first like a good gift opener. 
The card said "The Kinder Eggs are for the kids, hope they get good toys"
uhhh... huh? What the F are Kinder Eggs and I hope they don't stink up the house. 
Then I remembered Jodi is from across the pond...wait is that England... I mean over the trees...?!
She's from Canada. 
That's right get jealous I have international friends. 

The Kinder Eggs turned out to be chocolate eggs (thank God!) with little toys inside. 
The kids loved them. 

The nail polish color was amazing and I painted my nails as soon as I could. 
I also fell in love with this "eco-tote". 
I have been looking for a good bag to bring to the gym and this is perfect. The material is washable so if it gets water or sweat... on it I can just wipe it off! 

I love all the treats in my package and I pray that my package gets to her soon. I was so confused shipping internationally that I'm pretty sure the man at the post office thought I was attempting to smuggle drugs. 
I kept asking "Are you sure this is going to get there, it's kind of really important"
Then I realized how creepy I sounded, and said "well it's just important to me and the person getting it"
Which upped the creepy level so I just  handed him my card and left as soon as possible. 
So lets all hope it gets to her some day. 

Jodi's package also had a little gift in it that I don't think she meant to include. 
She sent it in a peaches box and because she's from Canada everything was in English and French. 
I was extremely pleased to see that when I'm doing my  French accent and making my attempts to turn regular words into French words some of them are actually accurate. 

So thanks Jodi, my husband also thanks you  because my "french accent" has made it into our lives way more than normal this week. 

Tomorrow on the blog: Post Exchange and more info on my new link up!! 


  1. Ok...You had me cracking up which made me look like the creepy girl in the extremely quiet study area in school...SURPRISE ..I'm reading blogs instead of studying.. Just kidding..that's not a surprise. Anyway...I want a Kinder Egg...Jodi!!! do you hear this? I want one!!! Please!! lol

    It sounds like you 2 had a lot of fun getting to know each other which is exactly why we did the swap. Thanks again for participating.

  2. You two ladies are exactly the reason why i am so glad we did this swap!! :) what a great package you received from Jodi, i just love her so i know you had a good time getting to know her :)
    Thanks so much for participating!

  3. I'm jealous, this is awesome! :)

  4. Awe this sounds like so much fun! And you had me laughing my tush off haha. That tote is cute! I have one similar by the brand ecotote, I love it and use it for everything!!

  5. You are too funny and I loved your post! I was cracking up at the post office bit. Great box!
    - Lauren @

  6. You make me laugh!! Now, time for a vlog so we can all hear this amazing French accent!! So glad you liked your package! I loved mine, and I got hear no problem. Shipping international is a bitch though!! Sorry you got stuck with me! I figured I use lots of tape so the candle wouldn't bust out! Hahaha! Sorry it got ya on arm day though!! Thanks again for being my partner, it was so fun!