Monday, March 3, 2014

Ice, Cupcakes, and a New Friend

This past weekend was another crazy one. 
Saturday we went to a birthday party for a little girl in Mabel's dance class. 

It was a sledding party at a hill close to our house. 
As soon as I read the invitation my anxiety went to a 10. 
Mabel is tiny, and this winter hasn't graced us with the nicest snow to sled on. 
More like ice that's really a hidden death trap for little ladies traveling at the speed of light. 
Also the hubs works every other Saturday so I was going at this adventure alone. 
Both kids. 
In snow suits. 
On ice. 

I tried to play it cool and pretend like Mabel was such a big girl and I let another mom take her and another little girl up the hill, put them on a sled and I watched in horror as they slid down directly into another sled of girls who weren't paying attention. 

Mabel said she was good and brushed the snow off and went up the hill again. 
This time I saw the look of terror in her little eyes when her sled hit 80 mph. 
She came over and said

"This is too cray cray mom."

Well said baby girl well said. 
On another note the cupcakes at the party where 

Also Alicia  made a new friend this weekend. 
Adie from Fourfitsisters

I already love her, and I also already hate her. 
In a good way of course. 
If you haven't checked out the Four Fit Sisters yet you really, really should. 

Go ahead I'll wait.... 
We are taking part in one of her 30 day challenges. 
It's only day one and I'm already in awe at the amount of feedback and involvement she gives. 
She is so motivating and helpful. 
It's helps that she's gorg. 
Hopefully I will have great results to share with you guys in 30 days, I know Alicia will if she can put down the pretzels! 
We both had to say goodbye to our coffee with the nectar of the Gods you people call creamer. 

We cried a little. 
I think Alicia is avoiding me today because she knows I've been up with a pukey boy and I haven't had coffee... she's ignoring my FaceTimes.... bish. 


  1. Those cupcakes look so good! Good luck with your challenge, I'm doing a dietbet this month so I am right there with ya on giving things up!

  2. That rainbow cupcake is too cute!!


  3. I was crying because I just realized what I committed too...

  4. lol YUM on those cupcakes. And I can't do coffee without creamer. Boo!! Good Luck!

  5. Very impressive cupcakes! I can't wait to read how the challenge goes.
    Angela :)

  6. Those cupcakes are way cool!!!!