Friday, March 21, 2014


As usual today was my long run day as well as Follow Through Friday

From here on out every run on Friday will be my new personal record for longest distance. 
So here is your official warning. Some Fridays will be more emotional than others and some runs I will just walk like an 80 year old afterwards. 
Today was the latter. 
Please excuse the loud ass beeping in the background... I like to live dangerously. 
I also just wanted to get to the grocery store and eat all the foods. 


  1. Great job....and I knew you could do it!!!! Don't doubt yourself so much!!

  2. OMG girl!! Get it with that shit!! 6 miles!!!! Great job!

  3. Awesome!!! Seeing your video and expressions make me itch to push myself more!! I needed to see that reminder why I want to keep getting more distance under my belt!

    way to go!!

  4. Wohooo!!! Great job girl!! That is awesome! I hear you on the loop if I get close to my house I'll stop. I make my own route on mapmyrun. So proud of you!!!

  5. Good job, girl! I'm sorry to hear about the frozen boogers.

    By the way, do you need me to send you a gas card?! Ha!