Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Talk Yoga

I personally love yoga.

All types. 
I have never tried hot yoga but I think I would like it... as long as I don't pass out, in which case I probably wouldn't like it. 
In July I am doing a secret (apparently not secret anymore) photo shoot. 
For this photo shoot I would LOVE to nail some bad ass yoga poses like these below. 

I've been working on my inversions and I love handstands, but a lot of it is mind over matter, and for me
That shit is scary. 

A goal I have for myself this year is to practice my yoga more regularly. 
Stretch, breath and stretch some more. 
I really like the few Jillian Michael's Yoga DVDs I've tried, but I will be honest they are good for burning calories but not for getting that deep stretch, or furthering your poses. 
In my opinion. 

There is nothing like a great stretch after a long run. So I think bettering my yoga will better my running. 
As well as my recovery. 

If anything yoga poses make for some pretty bad ass photos. 

Especially naughty ones to text my hubs. 
I'll keep those to myself. 

Do you practice yoga? Is there a pose that you are trying to master, or would love to try? When's the last time you did a handstand??


  1. I've tried yoga a few times, but I struggle with letting go. My mind just doesn't ever want to settle.

  2. I love yoga! I started when I was 40 lbs heavier and it was difficult for me, not impossible, just difficult. I ended up giving up.
    Now that I am losing weight, I want to get back into it!

  3. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE Yoga. I feel so good when I get a full practice in and I can tell a big difference in the way I feel, act and sleep. I have NO upper body strength and can't master a head/hand/forearm stand to save my life. And I'm with you. Jillian knows what she's doing if you want a cardio workout, but it just isn't yoga to me.

  4. You're so flexible ;) jelly.
    I tried hot yoga one time and I had the runs for two weeks- it really 'cleanses' me and I've said hell no to that ever since. Plus the people that take it usually smell too much for me at least in my hippy town ;p
    I do live yoga and how it makes me feel so lengthened ;) good luck with your poses girlie ;) xo

  5. I love yoga! I go most Tuesdays. I've only managed one handstand.

  6. I've only done yoga once & I loved it! I felt marvelous afterwards. I was hoping that I could get into a class at the YMCA (where I'm a member) but the only time they have those classes is when I'm working. Damn job always gets in the way! Boo! :(