Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So What

Today is day three of my 30 day challenge with Adie.
After I got over my meth like withdrawals from coffee, I'm feeling really good. 
I have been trying not to weigh myself every day because ya know I love me some instant gratification, and that doesn't always help with that whole weight loss thing. 
Speaking of weight loss... if you don't know my doll Val over at Fab Chick Gets Fit, you are seriously living under a rock. 
That mama is rocking her journey and this morning she hit 10k on Instagram.

I like to think of myself as one of her groupies, and she's even lucky enough to get videos of me working on my squats in my undies ( for form obvi!). 

Incase you haven't had your coffee yet it's Wednesday. 
I haven't done a good So What Wednesday in awhile so here it goes

So what if

  • It's snowing again, the snow kind of looks like glitter falling from the sky.... no I'm not drunk. 
  • I'm dragging the husband to a Town Volunteer Award banquet tomorrow night where we will not know or want to talk to anyone, it's a night out with a nice dinner. 
  • I bought 10 larabars for a giveaway on my Facebook page and ate 5 of them.... I will buy more don't you worry. 
  • The only show I could get into on Netflix was Switched at Birth... no I'm not 12
  • I already have a girls name and a boys name picked out for the child we haven't even started trying for. 
  • As well as how to announce the pregnancy. 

Baby fever is real my friends. 


  1. Lookin' good girl!! I love following you on your journey to fitness. c:


  2. I love your so what list! I call snow "sky glitter" when it looks all sparkly and pretty and all of my friends make fun of my crazy ass, so I totally get it :)

  3. Fab Chick groupie right here girlfriend!! Snow all over the place here--I'm pretty much over it! Love me a Larabar--and if you haven't watched it yet, you should watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix. It is raunchy, for real. Like, so bad, you may not want anyone to know you are watching it. But it was so good!! Oh--and have a bunch of little babies!!!!

  4. haha I have baby fever so bad, I also have girl and boy names and different ideas of photos I want to take while pregnant

  5. Congrats on kicking your coffee habit! AWESOME!!!
    I am on the Fast Metabolism Diet right now, and that is something I'm supposed to give up ---- but after kicking all things white: sugar, flour, rice, etc. I just can't give up my 1 cup of coffee (which is down considerably from the 3-10 each day I was drinking). I wish I could, but right now, it is my compromise.

  6. Hahaha, I love you! Love the meth withdraws, and the baby fever! Can I send you mine too, then you can have double the fever!?

  7. The first few days with out sodas are always so so so hard!!!!