Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Decisions, Decisions.

I'm making some big moves here people.
Like big moves. 
I'm pulling my kids from their daycare. 
There is nothing wrong with their daycare, in fact I LOVE their daycare.This choice was very very hard for me. Right now it's all about the cost. We have other opportunities, and the timing just works out. 
I could also use that 1,600 a month for other things. 
That's right 1,600 dollars a MONTH! 

My state is not even on here!

While if we wanted to we could make it work we would be sacrificing other things, like family vacations and doing things on the weekend. At this point I just can't justify getting rid of our family bonding time so my kids can be away from the house. 
Besides I can now be in all of my hippie sunshine and teach my kids the way of the land, and how to dance in the sunshine right?

Don't worry I wont go that far.  
I'm not quitting my job, in fact I plan on furthering my career in this whole dental world. I have amazing family and friends who are willing to help and support on this whole life turning event. 
Since I was little I have always wanted to live in a community where you lean on family and friends in times of need, and I finally have that so why not take advantage of it?

I'm nervous and excited, and worried and anxious, but you know what I'm not feeling... Stressed. 
Which has been the word of the day every Friday when I have to write daycare a check for my soul. 
I'm sad my kids wont get to see some of their teachers every day but I think it's for the best. 
Actually I know it's for the best. 

Another big change I'm making... I'm going back to brown. 
I love my highlights and lighter hair but I miss my brown, and so does the hubs. 
My hairdresser went and got a full time job and our schedules dont match anymore so I have a new one, who I trust equally as much and I'm giving her total control. 
All I said was low maintenance and brown. 
The big day is next friday!! Maybe I'll wait to do my VLOG until afterwards! 

So tell me friends. Do you send your kids to daycare? 
Does your daycare rape your wallet? 
If you keep your kids at home (Amber I'm talking to you), how do you make sure it doesn't turn into an all day ever day tv session?

Thanks in advance for all your advice!


  1. When we lived close to family, we never had to pay for childcare! It was amazing and I didn't realize how so until we moved to Northern VA where daycare was over 300/week! Can I tell you how happy my wallet was when they finally got to public school??? Made me nuts to write that check too! Good for you for doing what is best for your family! Your kids will love spending time with their family!!

  2. I cant wait until we write the VERY LAST daycare check in May, it will be such an amazing feeling! Im actually thinking of dying my hair again to get rid of my blonde too! I definitely dont want that upkeep long-term andddd Frank likes it all dark and I like to please my man when I can ;)

  3. Both of mine are in daycare, well one is just afterschool and one toddler. And yes, it is slightly more than our mortgage. It is a very painful bill to pay every month. But it works for us for now....we don't have much of a choice

  4. I used to teach preschool and got paid about $8 or $12 (I can't remember) an hour to watch and teach 20 kids at once. (I get paid $15 an hour to watch 2 kids babysitting so... yeah). Anyway, one day I was in the office and I came across the tuition plan. When I saw that kids in my class (the price is different for different age classes) paid $2200 a month to go there I was so pissed. Seriously? You pay me chunk change and ONE KID is paying $2200. I know overhead for daycares is high because of insurance but commmeeee on. It made me realize I should own a daycare, not work at one.

  5. To make sure everyday doesnt turn into sitting in front of the tv all day, make a schedule... a realistic one and get some work books or print some stuff of the internet. Let them do a worksheet or two a day, give them so many hours of tv a day, or on an electronic device for entertainment. Take it day by day and you'll find fun ways to keep them entertained that doesnt involve a television.

  6. We send G to daycare 3 days a week. There is no way we could afford full time so thankfully my husband has Monday and Tuesday off with him. I start to sweat bullets just thinking about if/when we have baby #2 and how the h-e-double hockey sticks are we going to afford that?!?!

  7. Good luck to you and keep us posted as Im sure you will. I work full time and my oldest goes to regular school (kindergarten) then after school care, and my youngest (1 1/2) goes to daycare. It is expensive but not horrible. When I just had one, she was at a in-home center, but you know that came back to bite me in the ass when the daycare provider would be sick. She would call me that morning and that just wasn't enough notice. I moved her to a local daycare by the house and loved it. Then when #2 came along they were in daycare for just one year together. It definitely was tight that is for sure. But worth it because of their ages, the oldest was in prek and the I wanted her to be in the same spot as her sister. Its definitely a battle of a decision to make. Good luck!

  8. I admit, there is WAY too much TV watching going on over here! It's not easy, but you'll be just fine once y'all can get outside!

  9. OUCH... I'm lucky enough that neither of my kids ever attended a daycare. they still have grandparents that are around, and even great grandparents that help out as well. I know not everyone is that lucky, so I make sure to say "thanks" whenever I can.
    I had gone a lot lighter last March and liked it for the most part, but it made my hair SO unhealthy (which I knew it would before I did it). So, a couple of months ago, I decided to go darker, but with hombre... big mistake. The guy screwed it all up, I had this great big line across my hair and I hated it. SO I called my other hair lady and she toned it to more of a normal brown... it turned ashy on me. *sigh* I've been living with it, but mostly because i dont' want to over process too much. BUT! I've got an appointment for tomorrow and I'm going with a SAra Rue red color... I'm so excited! I haven't been a red-head since I was in Cosmetology school 10 years ago! Good luck with the color change! Can't wait for the Vlog to see it!

  10. I stay home with my kids but I also watch other people's children. I have a lesson plan for everyday of what we're going to do. If it was just my little ones I'd probably be doing more swimming lessons and tumbling stuff I don't have time at night to do. I love it though

  11. We pay $217/wk for day care here in FL for ONE kid (15 months) - there are some that are around $300/wk and then obviously less as well but we are really happy with our choice although my wallet is never happy

  12. Good luck with all of it! I think it's a crime how expensive daycare is.

  13. I have an 11 month old and 3 toddler aged children ... So I don't have a job ONLY because daycare would cost is more than I would be bringing in.
    We would lose money if I got a job, rather than make money. There is something totally wrong with that!

  14. I think you made a great decision.!!

  15. That's insane- in New Zealand each child over three gets 20 hours per week free in a daycare situation so my four year old goes to preschool for six hours, two days a week. I am lucky that I work nights and weekends so my 20 month old hangs out with me during the day.

  16. I'm still hung up on $1600/month.
    I can't wait to see your new hair!! :)

  17. That's awesome girl! My daycare costs me 365/week. SO....I feel ya :)

  18. Love your blog! Sadly one of the reasons that's holding us back from having kids is the thought of having to deal with daycare expenses- yikes!!!