Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fueling, Hydrating, and Fitting.

Monday I was so pumped to go get fitted for new running kicks.
Then daycare called and said Bub was sick.
Just another reason I will be happy when they are home.
So I wasn't able to go Monday but I am going today. Our work schedule is crazy this week and we have another dental class on Friday so today is my last chance.
Everyone that I have ever asked for running advice has told me the same things.
Remember to hydrate.
Find the fuel that works for you
and invest in good running shoes.

They make it sound so easy.
I will be the first person to say I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a constant feeling of being overwhelmed with all of the "science" behind running and prepping for long runs.
There are so many different products out there for fueling and rehydrating. That's not even including running shoes... I feel like if I'm at a race or by some weird chance I decided to run with a friend and I am using a different products they are going to disown me and announce to the running world that I'm faking.

"Um what is that in your hand? There's no way you are going to make this 7 mile run if you don't have any Gu with you. We will just meet you back at the car."

So today I'm taking step one. Shoes.

I also got a sample of Nuun watermelon from a friend to try on my next long run. I would also like to try Rehydrate from Advocare if anyone wants to send me a sample! Help a girl out.
As far as fuel last run was the first run I felt I needed to fuel during and I tried shot blocks.
I LOVE shot blocks. The taste is amazing, and it's like eating gummy candy.
Except when I'm running.
It got stuck in my teeth and all I could focus on was how soon I could brush them.
I'm going to look for something else today and see how it goes.
I would love advice or suggestions... and that goes the other way too.
If there is anything you would like to know or have any questions feel free to ask!


  1. I bought some of those jelly beans and some other stuff. I think they were shot bloks. I didnt eat mine while I was running though, I stopped to eat them and drank some water. Maybe try that? I dont know... youre killing it though girl! I want to try the Rehydrate too... and the Arginine Extreme.

  2. I hate running but I want to love it so hard!! My biggest problem is controlling my breathing. I just don't know what that means! lol.

  3. I use to love shot blocks until I realized they were the reason I felt like a gassy gas bubble. I use the Gatoraide chews now I think their called G2 chews, anyways no bloatiness. I also only use them when I run more than 6 miles.

    I tried the rehydrate and ehhh...maybe it was just me but I wasn't a fan. I'd rather drink some water plan. yo!
    At some races they give out jelly beans, gu, fruit snacks, and I've heard from a vetern upper-runner racer that peanut m&ms's are the best fuel, but where would I put that without them getting all melty. ummmm
    I would say if you try the gu make sure it's on a close to home race. My friend had some tummy issues with it. Ekkkk.
    Whatever you do for training do for the race:) You'll be great. I'm super proud of you!
    Oh and the foam roller is your friend. LOL
    When is your half?

  4. I really think that you should get some light up shoes for your running shoes, I do believe that they make you faster. Ha! ;)

  5. I haven't done a run that was longer than a 5K haha
    so the best advice I would have for you, is to use the restroom before you go. Even you you don't have to go, GO! haha

  6. I haven't figured out a real rehdyrating/refueling routine yet. Then again, I almost never go running (even though I told myself I would. Whoops!). I think maybe getting fitted for running shoes, like you did, might help motivate me. What did you end up getting?

  7. Can I mention ONE thing about's NOT about RE-hydrating!!!! You should be so hydrated before you ever begin a long run that you can barely go 20 mins without peeing! LOL! Your hydration should begin the week prior to your race. Then you MUST train the way you want to run your race. If you plan to use supplements during your race, you must use them in your training regimen. I personally LOVE GU's....If I'm running over 6 miles I start my run with a 5 Hour Energy (Don't be a hater) but only after I've had some water and a bit to eat. Then I always carry water with me and my GU's. I like to have a GU every 45 mins of running with about a 1/2 cup of water at the very least. And YES I do it all on the fly! I may slow down, but I don't stop running. If you don't want to use supplements on a long run, then don't, and DON"T let anyone tell you that YOU HAVE too! But train that way. Don't use them during your training at all! However you really should have some sort of carb and electrolyte re up during your run. But you should choose how you do it! Do some research before May and train the way you decide so your race will be perfect. And hydrate BEFORE your race for at least 1 week before!! Good luck!

  8. You know I'm not a runner but I'm so proud of you!! I love hearing about your runs afterwards and how proud of yourself you you should be. You've got this girl!!

  9. I suck at this whole science thing as well. I've gotten up to a 8miler and have yet to try a fuel of any sort. I just slowed down enough to drink some water twice, I may have stopped and given myself a 30second reprieve to get my breathing under control and water and then started back up.
    Granted, my longest runs have ironically been at night and I always think 'pssh, I've eaten food all day, I got plenty of fuel!' haha. And I do my morning 4-5miles fasted, so I'm used to just pushing through it. But I know now that I'm getting closer and closer to the 10mile mark and plus, that I need to take better care of my body with fueling.