Friday, March 7, 2014

You have to hear my voice in this one...

Hey dolls.... I'm trying to roll with the K-dash vibe from yesterday!
It's Follow Through Friday!!!

This was the first week of my actual Half Marathon training and I feel okay.
I didn't get all of my runs in and today is my long run so we will see.
I still feel good about it.
My diet and eating was on poinnnnnttt this week, and I'm feeling so good and brave that I decided to try a little something new.
A few disclaimers.

I look like death
I have no idea what I keep looking up at.
I don't know how to edit videos.
You don't like it... girl bye.

Check out that screen shot.... total hottie.

Don't forget to link up at the bottom... oh and if you are feeling lucky... check out my girl Val's page because she is having a seriously seriously amazing giveaway.

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  1. I got in on Adie's next challenge group! I was a little jealous of you and Alicia, and this one will work out awesome for me. My son leaves the day before for 9 weeks and I'm going to need the extra shove and accountability from her. Lovely Vlog! I think everyone should do them... It's like books on tape. I don't feel bad for "reading" blogs fro my first hour of work every day when ya'll do Vlogs! lol Happy Friday and Great job with the new diet!

  2. Everyone is doing vlogs lately and I am so inspired, but alas I can't edit for crap and I KNOW my dogs will be barking like crazy in the background

  3. LOL @ girl bye...Too funny! vlogs are great...get to see YOU!

  4. I just love your little face! And your butt. I like your butt.

  5. You're a cutie patootie and I love your face off!! AND I like your butt too!!lol

  6. Love this linkup! By the way glad you didn't get up and show your underoos. haha

  7. You look great for just being up! Dang, girl! And thanks for keeping the underpants hidden. :)

  8. I follow a training schedule for my half, mine is in a little over a month. I will tell you my running buddy and I try our best to follow it but it doesn't always happen, don't get hung up on that schedule. Some weeks we don't get any runs in we just run when we can and try to follow it as close as possible.