Sunday, January 12, 2014


When I first started working out and trying to clean up my diet I seriously had no idea what I was doing.
I read so many different things I became overwhelmed, and half of the time I just gave up.
Now I wake up every morning and I'm at the gym at 5 am.
I eat 90% clean and I'm even trying to transition to Paleo
I lift heavy and I run hard.
I love the gym and I'm not scared to try new things there.
I owe a lot of this to a lot of different people, but the blogging community is a large part of that.
I wanted to give back and give someone a chance to win the one thing that made a huge difference in my journey...

A place to start. 

A few of my favorite blogging ladies and I have gotten together for this giveaway, and let me tell you it's huge.
Candra @ Camo & Lipstick
Val @ Fab Chick Get's Fit
Alicia @ Brew Mama
Sami @ Simply-Sami
Amy @ The Diary of a Fat Mommy

Here's your chance to stop saying tomorrow.
To get in there and get your feet wet.
To take the first step in YOUR journey towards the rest of your life.

We have all been there. Scared to start because we have no idea where, worried to step foot in a gym without having a plan.
Wanting to eat different but just not sure how or what.
We are hear to show you it's possible. We started out with one foot in the door and now we have big plans for ourselves.

Amy is currently fundraising for her Disney Half Marathon for St.Jude which is a total bucket list race for me.
Any donation helps, click here to donate.
This princess needs her running shoes, so help a sista out. 
Besides any fundraiser that raises money for sick babies tugs at my heart strings.

A HUGE HUGE part of my transformation (which is still in progress!) has been my coach and trainer Sara Willis.

She not only made me proud to lift heavy she answered each and every question I had. She gave me a clear plan, and ultimately gave me confidence.

I am giving away a 6 week fitness and meal plan customized for you by Sara. To add to the motivation all these lovely ladies are adding in some of their favorite fitness products! Rumor has it Val might even through in one of her coveted water jugs!

So make sure you enter below, and because this giveaway is so important to me I will be checking the entries. So no click click clicking!

Keep coming back all week, because not only are these ladies adding in the giveaway they were nice enough to guest post for me ALLLLL WEEK!!!!

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  1. Thanks for including me for the giveaway. I can't wait to see who wins!

  2. Awesome giveaway! Way to pay it forward, sister. :)

  3. So awesome! What a great giveaway, I love it!!

  4. Awesome!! What a great giveaway!