Friday, January 17, 2014

Guest Post 4- VAL!!!!!

Thanks Candra for letting me take over your blog.. What trouble can I get into?

I'm Val from Fab Chick Gets Fit and I started my journey January 2013. I'm a wife and mother of 2 and when I turned 30 it was time I make a change. I have been over 200lbs for 8 years {since my oldest was born.} So I started with a couple online videos and clean eating. I'm not weighing myself for the month but I'm hoping to be under 200lbs. January 1, 2014 I was 202.8lbs. 

I'm involved in another link up called Follow Through Fridays. It's where we talk about the week and what we've accomplished according to our goals. But I want to take it a step further with this post, yes still talking about my week, but also including the entire journey as well. 

I did really well this week. Stayed on track with my cardio/lifting and I've been following my strict clean eating meal plan. 
{Disclaimer: I rarely eat salads. This is just hilarious to me.}

I didn't wake up a year ago and say "I'm going to follow through." I've told myself that for years. What was it that clicked? I dunno. There wasn't one main thing. It was me seeing pictures at my 30th birthday party, feeling gross, hating that I wore a size 22. Yes, I was one of those people who tried every new diet product then gave up when I wasn't a size 4 in 2 weeks. Side Eye. 

I say all this to say: you MUST find something and follow through. Whether you buy a bikini to wear in a few months or a new pair of jeans. Creating a goal, making a plan, consistency then following through until you reach that goal is what's going to make you keep going and be amazed at your results. The first 30 days for me were ROUGH.   
I wanted to quit, but I promised myself to keep going. I lost around 12lbs and as you can see, a bunch of inches. So this fueled me to keep going. So I did. 
I became more obsessed with MAKING time.
I made some rules:
-NEVER go to bed without at LEAST 15 minutes of some type of workout.
-Don't eat anything that I would regret later. 
-Never go 2 days without working out. 
-Have a SMALL treat on Sundays if I did well the entire week.

A year later, new goals to compete, ups and downs, injuries, craving a big ol cheeseburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner... I'm still going. Why? Because I know I'm stronger than any excuse I used to give myself and because I deserve it. But most importantly for myself and for my kids I want to live a long, amazing life.... so I MUST stick with it for the LAST time and Follow Through. 

This girl is for real.
She's one of my biggest inspirations.
When I don't want to get out of bed, I scroll through her instagram, and put my feet on the floor.

Did you follow through this week?
What were your plans this week, and how did you stick to them?

I know I promised my training plan but this guest post was WAY better, so I will throw that up on Monday. PROMISE.

 Link up, hop around, you may find someone who is working on the same things you are!


  1. Mucho props to my love!!! You are awesome!

  2. I can't wait to see how you rock out 2014! You've done great so far. I just started a blog over at I'd love it if you stopped by.

  3. yes, it is important we promise ourselves to follow through! :)

    visiting from the link up,
    rhea @

  4. Love this! She looks amazing!!! Thirty just means something to me too, it's weird but I know it's one of the factors for me that made something click for me. I'm so lucky to be around such inspirational ladies!!! xo

  5. My 2 fave BFF on one page. Val I can't tell you how inspiring you are. Can't wait to see you on stage.

  6. Awesome. The one thing that you said in your email that has kept me motivated is, so you'll lose a little sleep"! Ive kept that in my mind and I press my way through sleeping. Trust me, Im a sleeper!!!