Thursday, January 9, 2014

Get it together

One of my "resolutions" was to declutter my house AND my life.
My stress level is always about a 7 
I call it stress some same anxiety some same sanity
Tomato, tomato 
After working 10 hour days and coming home to only want to sit on the couch and relax but still having a million things to do gets old quick
Like REAL quick 
Don't get me wrong my husband is a huge help but when he gets stressed he disconnects 
It's like his only way of dealing with things
I don't have that option so I workout to save myself from goin to jail.
This year I want to work on organizing little things in an attempt to get rid of some of this nonsense 
Some of the things I am doing I have done in the past and I know they work.

1. Set out outfits 
I do this for both kids. On the weekend I do all the laundry and make 5-7 outfits for the week. I put them away together with EVERYTHING I need. For my son I include a diaper and socks and so on. This saves so much time in the morning I just grab and go.

2. Meal Planning and Meal Prep
This month I sat down and wrote out a meal plan for the family for the whole month. Then I went back and highligted the meals that I can easily make Paleo friendly and for the others I wrote down what I was eating.
This is not only a huge time saver but in the long run it saves money. Knowing what I am making for the week makes grocery shopping easier and I only go once a week. It also makes it easier in the morning. I can look at the calendar and know what I need to thaw/ set on the counter.  I am def going to be doing this every month

3. My Planner/ Home Calendar. 
I write everything down, like everything. My schedule is so crazy I usually write in "shower". That's how lame my life is.
I also schedule in my workouts. If you want it to work, make it like a job. You wouldn't miss a day of work, or be late so put that same thought into your workouts.
But you know what. It works. So there

4. Go to sleep. 
This one may sound weird, but I make sure I am in bed by 9:30 every night. I may not fall asleep until 10 but if I stay up and try and get everything into one day I am useless the next day. A good nights sleep is critical. It's even part of the Paleo diet.
Imagine your brain during the day is like Mardi Gras
When you sleep its like the clean up crew picking all those discarded undies and bras and puke
Getting ready to start again with a clean street.
If you don't sleep, they don't get a chance to clean so the undies and bras just pile up, and get covered in more and more puke, eventually someone is going to slip and land in something yucky.
Okay that doesn't really make sense, but maybe you see where I'm going.

5. Empty the sink every night, make your bed every morning. 
Little things like these make a huge difference.
Crawling into a nice made bed every night just makes you a little happier and waking up to a clean kitchen does the same. It doesn't take a lot of time, but its worth it.

What do you do to de-clutter, save time, or save your sanity??

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  1. One of my goals for the rest of my life is to not leave dishes in the sink. I'm still working on it but yo'ure right. I feel so much better when I wake up and there is not a pile of dishes in my sink. It's my least favorite chore apart from putting away laundry.

    The Mardi Gras sleep thing totally makes sense to me, ha!

  2. I'm right there with you! I try to go to bed early every night!!

  3. "Imagine your brain during the day is like Mardi Gras
    When you sleep its like the clean up crew picking all those discarded undies and bras and puke" I just spit out water LOL get ready for clean streets haha I love it!

  4. Spend 10 min a day picking up before bed, make my bed, empty sink, wipe down bath while I'm brushing my teeth, write everything down.

  5. I set out outfits the night before, for the next day. It saves me so much headache, and running around in the mornings! I also pack lunches the night before as well, so i can grab and go the next morning!

    It's a life saver!

  6. Each night I try to do a run thru in the house make sure everything is tidy. Nothing crazy just to make sure the dishes are done, everything is back in its place etc. It makes a world of difference to wake up to a clean house vs a hot mess :) Sometimes I have to push myself threw it because I just want to go to bed but I love the feeling of waking up to a clean house :)

    PS - I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!!