Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giveaway Guest Post!

Alicia from Brew Mama is seriously one of my favorite people. We are so much a like it's a cruel joke that we live so far away.
I like to text her and ask if she wants to meet for coffee, or come drink wine on my porch...
She thinks its funny... sometimes.
 We also have our own version of the 5am club.
I text her in the morning and tell her to get her ass out of bed and don't stop texting her until she tells me to STFU.. just kidding she never does that.
But I do send her threatening pictures like this.

And that is why she loves me.
Since I love her so much I know all of you will... so here's my bish.
Hey everyone...I'm Alicia and I blog over at Brew Mama. I'm a mama of 5, wife and a full time student.  Candra was awesome to let me take over her blog today.  I wanna tell ya about my fitness/healthy journey and how I got started.

 Well first of all...I've done the yo-yo thing, but I'm trying to change that. I'm trying to focus on making working out and eating right part of my daily routine.  It's hard and I've fallen off the wagon a time or two.

What I have learned is that..
  • Planning ahead is key. It helps me make better choices.   
    • Workout
    • Food
  • Drink lots of water.....I'm trying for a gallon a day.
  • Surround yourself with supportive peeps.  Ones that push you and inspire you to do the best you can...through the ups and downs of getting healthy. 
  • Use MFP to log your food or write down everything that you consume.  (MFP- brewlovingmama)
Now those are just a few things that I've learned through this process.  You need to find what works for you and motivates you.  

How I got started....

In November, I joined a fitness challenge with the amazing Val from Fabulous Chick Gets Fit...and I stuck with it.  I ate better and I exercised, I was on top of the world...
All of my hard work paid off.  I started December off pretty good too...but then my busy life took over and getting ready for Christmas manipulated my time.  So I put ME on the back burner and got back out of the routine I worked so hard to work towards.  Sound familiar to any of you?  
Life happens but I also have to remember to take a little time for myself and do what makes me feel good...and taking care of myself does just that.  Take one day at a time and if you can't make big changes, little changes also help you work towards your goals. 

Today is a new day for all of us, so lets make it count!

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  1. Love it! Such great motivation! I'm on the road to healthy, so motivation and inspiring words are always a great thing!

    1. Thank you and hang in there, its a long road but so worth it.

  2. I love Alicia, and you Candra!! Eff you guys both for living so far away. I can picture us now, working out, then drinking to make up the calories we've just burnt!

    1. Yes that sounds so perfect!! We need to let the hubbys know we are going to pick a central location to all move too.

  3. You are awesome! Five kiddos! You look great! And if you Candra loves ya sure I will too! Nice to 'meet' you!!

    1. Thanks and its nice to meet you too. Yep 5 kids....They drive me crazy but I love them... lol