Monday, January 6, 2014

Gah I'm Geeking OUT!

Hey Friends,
I have some super exciting news.
Maybe not as exciting to you but I am having a total geek out moment here.
I am co-hosting a new weekly link up with some of my FAVORITE bloggers.

A lot of us are going to be training for races this spring and wanted a way to keep ourselfs accountable. We thought the idea of having a weekly link up to check in with eachother would be the perfect way.
Don't worry you don't have to be running any races to joy in
You don't even have to be a runner!
You can link up about anything you want to be held accountable for.
Trying to eat cleaner this year?
Trying to save more money?
Trying to spend more quailty family time?
Join us every Friday to recap how on your week and let us (and yourself) know how you did.
You can even join in the fun on Instagram using the hashtag #FTF make sure you follow me (@Candra_Ellen) so I can keep up with you!!

Personally I will be using it to keep track of my half marathon training as well as my eating habits!

I mentioned before that I am trying to eat Paleo for the month of January, and let me tell you this shit is hard. My girl Amy over at The Diary of a Fat Mommy is also working her way into the Paleo world and she posts awesome meal ideas on her Instagram.

I am hoping to review some Paleo recipes here on Tuesdays so make sure you check back tomorrow for my first rendition of Heyo Paleo where I review a marinade for chicken and Paleo Pumpkin Fudge!

WARNING! I am NOT and most likely will NEVER be a food blogger. Do not count on food porn pics or even semi-professional pictures.
Hell count your lucky stars if I even take a picture on a real camera.
 Just true reviews of recipe's I have tried and what I truly think of them as well as what my unsuspecting children and husband think. 


  1. You've got things cooking lady! I love it.

    I love a true review, and who couldn't use more accountability?

  2. Good job chick!! I wish I could run. I love lifting weights, though!! I'll definitely be checking in for your recipes. I'm not eating Paleo but definitely healthier.