Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow through Friday!

It's Friday Thank you sweet baby Jesus
Not only do I need the weekend badly 
It's time for our first link up! 

This link up is for accountability 
Sticking to your guns and following through
Did you say you were going to workout 5 days this week and you killed it at the gym every damn day 
Well this is where I give you full permission to come and tell us how awesome you are! 
Did you not go to the gym at all? 
Well suck it up buttercup and make a plan for next week
Baby steps people 
As for my week....
My hubs got me a heated blanket soooo
I haven't been getting out of bed as much as I would like. 
I got to the gym 3 times this week 
Next week I want to do way better. 
My half marathon is slowly approaching and while I'm not fully training yet I need to get my weekly mileage up so I will be buckling down on that next week. 
Next week I will also go into more detail on my whole plan while I'm training. 
My eating has been pretty on point this week too! 
Last night was date night and I have shrimp tacos and lots and lot of booze 

I'm really excited about this link up so hop around and check everybody out!! 

Also BIG NEWS make sure you come back on Monday! because some of my blogger besties and I are hosting a huge fitness giveaway! 
Over $150 in prizes! 
It's just what you need to get  started in your fitness journey! 
See you Monday!!


  1. So I love this link up! Its so great for accountability. Also I found your blog so score...I'm training for my first half as well. I'm so glad there are a lot of us bloggers doing this. Such great support and motivation! Looking forward to reading about your training plan because I haven't decided on mine yet!

    Also, do you hunt with your man? My hubby has been wanting me to come out with him and I think i'll give it a whirl. I don't have any camo though so I better go shopping haha!

  2. I want a heated blanket too but I would probably lose my job! Good job lady! 3 is always more than 0!

  3. My heated blanket is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. My parents got me one years ago for Christmas and last Christmas (2012) I requested a new one because the old one was wearing out. It's so hard to get out of a warm heated bed though. Great job this week!

  4. I looooove heated blankets. We have like three. I've been using them to lay on because I'm so sore from the gym so it's like a giant heating pad!

  5. When is your half? That is awesome!! I just signed up for my next half as well but its the same race as my first, next Nov. Need to find another one before it gets too hot here in Texas :)

  6. I need to get exercise in three times next week. My excuses are hollow even to me.

  7. I skipped yesterday and planned on doing T25 today but this blanket feels way too nice. I'm a loser. But I got in 2 good workouts this week and a half a workout for T25 on Monday. Plus I'm heading to the gym tomorrow, so.....I'm good. haha.

  8. Can I have that margarita?? Please and thank you :)

  9. That drink looks ridiculous!! I want!! I also want your heated blanket!!