Monday, November 25, 2013

This or That Link up THANKSGIVING!!!

Only two more days til the best day of the year... next to my birthday.
Turkey is my favorite, and I love pie...sooo yeah.
Thanksgiving. Love.

Our This or That link up theme this week is Easter...
Just kidding it's Thanksgiving Obv.

You know you love food, so I'm giving you a reason to deticate an entire post to talking about it!
Lets get to it so I can go eat....

This or That Link Up

Stuffing, or mashed potatoes
In true fat girl form I enjoy putting some mashed potatoes on my plate, then putting some stuffing on top, then putting some more mashed potatoes on top followed by a roll and some butter and gravy if I'm feeling frisky

Homemade cranberry sauce, or store bought cranberry sauce
I just tried cranberry sauce for the first time a few years ago and I shed a little tear.....for all those years I wasted passing it up. I think it was store bought that I tried first, but I'm not picky now I choose both, sometimes on top of each other.... I'm sensing a theme here....

Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie
Uggghhh who came up with these questions??
Oh shit I did.
If I had a gun to my head and I HAD to choose I guess I would choose....
Fuck I dont know can't I just put one slice on top of the other and eat them both?
OMG what about a pumpkin pie with a PECAN PIE TOPPING!!!

AH this is a REAL thing!

Cooking all day or Cleaning up all night
This one I know right away, cooking all day hands down.
I love cooking I hate dishes.
When left over food gets soggy in the drain, I want to throw up.

Thanksgiving Day Parade or Football game
Well I like to consider myself a Football widow. If you don't already know this I live in New England, and I'm married.
Wife in New England = Football widow.
So I choose the parade because I have to watch the game no matter what and the marching bands make me teary eyed...

That's all I got for you today folks, so make sure you link up so I can feel a little less crazy about my food piling tendencies.
Thank you in advance.
Make sure you come back tomorrow because I have been testing all sorts of alternative forms of cardio for you guys to do if your gym (like mine) is closed on Thanksgiving!


  1. I'm liking your idea of just layering stuff! And pumpkin pie with pecan crust? OH MY GOD. This has made me hungry already for Thanksgiving! I hope Thursday gets here soon!

  2. Um, I need that pie. Now!! Enjoy all your food!

  3. I always choose stuffing, and now I choose pumpkin pie with pecan topping.

  4. Where do you live in NE? I am moving there in 3 weeks :)

  5. Goaaa I am so hungry now from reading this blog. And what kind of hell on earth would make one choose between pumpkin and pecan pie... ha! Have a great Thanksgiving, girl! xo

  6. Ha ha, yes there is definitely a theme here, ie just stack all foods on top of one another! Lol. I hope you enjoyed your day!