Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Don't be a Scaredy Cat...

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I would have a reoccurring dream that I couldn't find anyone to babysit so that I could go out to the bar with my new friends I met at the mall
Then just in the knick of time Lindsay Lohan shows up and says how she has always been "super awesome" with kids.

I hand over Mabel, and go to the bar
After my fifth vodka and tonic when I'm reaching up to grab someone's hand who is helping me stumble climb up on top of the bar for a Coyote Ugly style dance, I wake up.
I wake up and think,
"Shit, did I seriously get drunk last night, I'M BREASTFEEDING!!"
Then I remember I am living 3,000 miles away from all of my friends, I feel asleep at 7 pm watching America's Funniest Home Videos, I would NEVER drink while breastfeeding (or go out to the bar with people I met at the mall....well maybe not...okay I probably would)
Oh and I don't know Lindsay Lohan. 

If you haven't figured out what this post is about through that awesome intro, I'll just go ahead and tell you.
It's TUESDAY BITCHES, that means time for...

This or That Link Up

This week is Fears, so here are the questions
a.       Heights or deep water
I don't really care about heights, but deep water scares the shit out of me. There is way too much down there, and I'm not feeling it. I will not swim with any dolphins, or mantaees, or whatever else people put on their bucket list. You can take my turn, I will be sipping my frosty beverage, on the beach with my back towards the water.  

b.      Snakes or spiders
I don't love either, but I'll take spiders. I can kill those with a shoe... I need a 2x4 for the snake....or a shotgun

c.       Losing all your teeth or losing all your hair 
During both pregnancies I had lucid dreams, if you never had these, or haven't heard of them look it up. 
Most of my lucid dreams were of my teeth falling out of my head one by one.
No thanks. 
Hair grows back, and I've always wanted to be able pull off the head scarf. 

d.      No voice, or no hearing 
No hearing, I would like to know when my children are screaming at me, because "I'm not their best friend anymore!!", but I would like to not be able to scream back. 

e.      Eating a bug or eating intestines
Easy, bugs hands down. I hear those chocolate covered crickets are a blast in a glass!

So lets hear what you would choose! Link up so I can read what haunts all you scaredy cats dreams! 

Come join us for some fun on Tuesdays


  1. Oh god I'd definitely take spiders over snakes, snakes are like my biggest fear ever, to the point I can't even see them on TV without freaking out ugh

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  2. It think we matched on almost everything! Some of them were hard to pick which I hated more - especially the spiders or snakes. Yuck!! This morning I saw a huge spider in our kitchen...and I just called my hubby to come and squish it ;)

  3. i feel like i need a shower after these questions HAHA.
    Great questions, def. made me think!!!!

  4. Youre hilarious :) Lindsay Lohan? Love it :)

  5. That picture of the girl freaking out in the water is HILARIOUS! I live in Florida, home of the place where everyone wants to swim with the dolphins, sting rays, etc.. well, I'm NOT that girl so I feel ya on that!!

  6. I chose no voice but man, not being able to hear my child's (constant) screams is pretty tempting!

  7. I'm so sad I missed out on the link up today but I love your answers and I agree with you on the deep water... NO WAY IN HELL I'm going in deep...pour me a drink!

  8. Oh my god, how could I forget to link up to our link up???!
    I LOVE your post!! And your dream of drinking while breast feeding and hanging out at the mall. Oh if only!!!

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