Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Girl Can Dream

I'm about to hit you all with another wordless Wednesday... this time it'll be my holiday wish list.
Family, Friends, Neighbors... please pass this along to the hubs. 
Thank you. 
Nathan Hydration Vest
Pretty much any of these
Yes Please!

I need long sleeves though... 3/4 kill me
New Pillows for our couch!

Okay that's it! I'm sure there are plenty of other things I would be happy to receive so give away!

Tomorrow on the blog I am going to review my Booty Barre class!!


  1. I'm not really a couch pillow person because they always seem to get in the way or thrown on the floor (and then my little Shih Tzu Levi takes them over as his personal doggie bed), but I have to say that those pillows are all really cute and I might have to change my mind and make some exceptions!! I like this post-- it's almost like one that I do some Wednesday's called "What A Girl Wants Wednesdays". Great Minds Think Alike ;)

  2. I love pillows since we finally got our new couch a few months ago... I need more!!

  3. I want one of those vests soooo bad!!!