Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh Hey Thursday

I am having a great day despite it's horrrrrible start.
My lovely, sweet, beautiful, caring, daughter is going through a phase that is seriously making me want to punch myself in the face. 
Please please blog land mamas tell me its just a phase and every 3 year old is a punk. 
I've said before and I'll say it again, 
Gym time = ME TIME
I wake my ass up at 4:30 am so I can get a minimum of one hour to myself. 
Last night I though I would be a little ballsy and try to get in another hour of me time.... 
That was a joke. 
I wanted to watch Ravenswood...

TIME OUT.... This show is scaring the shit out of me... are they serious. This is not an ABC Family show. 
I'm mean I'm not complaining but Holy sweet babies. 
Caleb is still hot, and I can't really get over the fact that the other leading male looks like he's wearing a bottom denture.... but I like the ladies and seriously it's creepy. 

TIME IN... So I pop in Ravenswood after letting Mae watch an EXTRA episode of Dora and the questions start...
Why is she wearing that?
Why is he sitting next to her?
Are they drinking coffee?
Did you have your coffee this morning?
Can I have Mabel coffee?
Do you like this show mommy?
Is this your favorite mommy?
Am I your favorite mommy?
Mommy are you listening?
Mommy, mommy, mommy, MOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYY. 

*insert head explosion here*

I gave up I said its time for bed, for both of us. 
She flipped. 
Cried for an hour and then was up all night coughing. 
Now don't get me wrong I felt horrible but COME ON. I was in and out of her room all night trying to make her feel better, which equal no sleep for me. 
So when my alarm went off this morning I thought Fuck the GYM! 
Then reality hit me and I knew if I went I could leave it all there. 
So I got my ass out of bed and walked out of my room.
Mabel was already wide awake and followed me into the kitchen, she wanted Fruit Loops, and Chocolate milk and she wanted to finish watching Ravenswood..... ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. 
Needless to say I did not make it to the gym. 
I didn't even get to make myself breakfast. 
Thankfully I only work half days on Thursdays and hopefully I will be able to pull my shit together and get some sort of work in. 
Maybe try a run! 
So please assure me this is just a phase and my angelic child will return
And don't go getting all hoity toity on me because I don't need to prove myself as a parent or my parenting techniques... I'm an awesome and badass mudder. uh thank ya. 

To round out this ranting post I'm going to join in on Thankful Thursday, because despite the shit storm I swim in every morning there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 

  • MyFitnessPal, and all the amazing women on there doing an AWESOME job!! Seriously ladies you are doing great, keep it up!
  • The This or That Link up, that was crazy! I was not expecting that response and I am so so pumped and thankful. Make sure you join us next week for our 90's edition!! 
  • All right I'll say it.. My kids... cause even when they make me want to have a secret hysto, they are damn cute and I love them. 

  • My blog friend Katie. I met her through the CaraBox swap and homegirl hooked me up. For real. I will have a reveal post in a few days. 
  • Once Upon a Time, I'm not sure how they did it, but they seemed to find the hottest sexiest men to play the hottest sexiest roles. I'm so in. So far in I extend my cardio sessions just so I can keep watching...

Happy Thursday Bitches!! Keep on keeping on, and you can use my mantra today free of charge...
One more day, One more day, One more day. 


  1. 1. OMG I AM SO EXCITED I FOUND A FELLOW RAVENSWOOD-ER. This show issss seriouisly intense! First episode was like watching the Ring jeeezz. and last night i woke up @ 2 am because i was having dreams about frekin Abby!

    2. I LOVE HOOK! Jesus, he is mmmm mmmm mmm

    and so ends my rant...

  2. lol oh my what a day. I'm pretty sure I was a Mae and I still am sometimes.

  3. Hold up. What is Ravenswood? I love when people are super excited about shows, it makes me want to watch them.

  4. haha, I'm sorry, but I am dying of laughter...will my 2 year old turn into a question-monster too? Geez...I'm not sure I can handle that...

  5. you. crack. me. the. F. up. SWOON!!!!!! xoxoxo

  6. I haven't gotten to watch Ravenswood this week, I'm really starting to like the show though :)

  7. This post cracks me up! I was just thinking on my way into work this morning that my two little peanuts are SO hilarious now that they are almost 6 and 7......but they were a HANDFUL when they were about 2-3. It will get better! I also read this yesterday - and it hit home to mothers perfectly! check it out:

  8. I'm loving Ravenswood too! Not freaked but I'm a huge horror movie fan so I feel like I've finally found the perfect combo of chicky tv+scary movie:-)

  9. I didn't expect Ravenswood to be this creepy, but I love it!! Except are they liek trying to break Hannah and Caleb up? I will not be happy!

  10. So 3 isn't easier than two? *weeps*

  11. daughter turns 4 next week and I kid you not, no one told me that 3 was the hardest age...everyone is all like "terrible twos...blah blah blah" and Im over here like, you mamas LIED TO ME :) It's been so hard, especially with the changing of the seasons, she has had to be re-programmed..."but I want to wear this coat, but that doesnt have a zipper, I dont want to wear a dress...why cant I wear my shorts and a tee...OH MY GAWD!!! I even told her this morning on the way to school that if she didnt stop fake crying I was going to take away a birthday present - of course I wont and she probably knows it...ugh!!! I feel your pain :)