Monday, November 11, 2013

Biggest Loser # 1

That title makes me sound like I'm the #1 Biggest loser, which I kinda hope I am, but not in the normal sense!
So this Saturday I went for my weigh in and I'm down 3.2 lbs. 
This is exciting, but I'm not letting myself get too excited. 
I feel like I cheated. 
I knew I was going to weigh in last week for my "official starting weight" so I over indulged... big time. 
I even went out drinking the night before. 
He was in the middle of telling me how dumb this was.
Can anyone tell me why my front facing camera is so bad?!

I weighed in heavier than I normally do, and I lost that extra weight. 
I feel like I cheated myself, and you guys. 
I'm glad I dropped the extra pounds, but it doesn't feel like I really did. 
I also had a bad eating day this weekend. 
That's okay though, because bad days happen, bad WEEKS happen, but you pick yourself up and you get back out there. 
There really is no end goal, because it's on going. 
You have to re-program yourself into thinking that you make better choices because they make you 
Not to mention look better. 
Everyone has a bad day of eating, or a bad run, or a moment of bad parenting, but it doesn't make you fail the whole thing. 
You have a million more days ahead of you.
You are still training for the marathon
You are still a parent. 
So overall I lost weight. 3.2 damn pounds, and that's pretty damn good. 
This week I'm going to be better, 
because I'm still alive
I have a choice
and I choose my health. 
I'm shooting for atleast a pound for this week's lose, maybe 2!
Leg Day... KILLED IT.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for our This or That link up 90's edition

Here are the questions for tomorrow. 

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2. Platform Sandles, or Clear Plastic Sandles
3. Tomagotchi's or Nano Babies
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5. JTT or Devon Sawa. 


  1. Lbs gone is lbs gone. No matter what. Go girl!! Mike hates selfies, too. lol.

  2. Either way you lost weight so great job! Good luck this week!

  3. I kind of fell off the bandwagon when it came to working out last week and eating right this weekend. Ugh. Back to the grind today!

  4. Either way, good start. Keep it up!

    I am an 80s child and have no idea a nano baby is or who Devon Sawa is. hahaha

  5. Hey at least the scales moving in the right direction!

  6. Agreed - way to go! When you have a bad day you have to just pick up and start it up again the next day!

  7. I think lots of people eat a bunch right before they start losing weight. It kind of like a "last hurrah" The thing is you started and stuck with it through the week.

  8. That's awesome girly! I'm so happy for you ;) lbs lost is lbs lost ;)
    I feel you on your hubs and not wanting to cooperate with picture taking, hehe. He can't stand pictures, so I make him do it when we're around friends so he can't say no. Sneaky sneaky.
    Loves and hugs to ya! You're an inspiration to me to get my ass off the couch!