Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This or That Link up #2

I loved the 90's
Especially how horribly bad everything is looking back on it. 
I was a Spice Girls fanatic and I knew every line to every song. 
Now and Then was is my favorite movie, and I would have given anything to be  Roberta.
I still use Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, every damn day, and I am always told I remind people of their kindergarten teacher. 
I wore chokers, and flower leggings.
I rocked that shit. 
I was team Brenda, and Kelly was a homewreker in my mind. 
Sun-In has once turned my hair orange, and Manic Panic has turned my hair every color under the sun
My Caboodle just handled everything. 
Especially my Pogs collection. 
I wore overalls with flannel shirts while spending hours crafting the perfect away messages and profiles on AIM
I still have a bottle of Gap perfume in my closet...it's the OM because I thought I was so hippie. 
When Joey chose Pacy at the end, my 90's life was complete. 
In my mind they are still together forever, unless Pacey and I run into each other at the Grocery store...

When I was coming up with the questions for the This or That 90's edition I obviously could have come up with a million more, but with no further ado, here they are in all of their Lisa Frank glory
This or That Link Up

a.       Will Smith Now, Will Smith Then
This is tough because I love Will Smith no matter what, but I'm going to have to say Will Smith then. His days as the Fresh Prince never fail to bring a smile to my face.   

b.      Platform sandles, Clear Plastic Sandles
Both of these choices are gross, and I wore both. If I was forced to wear some today I would have to say Platform sandles. The high black foam kind with the thick stretchy black top please.  
How many times did you fall off of this shit?!

c.       Tomagotchi’s, Nano Babies
I had both, I never understood what a Tomagotchi was and unfortunatly my Nano baby always died, or got hungry in class and wouldnt stop beeping so it got taken away. Womp womp. Thank goodness it wasn't foreshawdoing on my actual parenting skills, except my kids are always hungry when I'm trying to do something...
Over all I choose Nano babies, they were so much cooler...the rich kids had Nano's damn them. I traded things for them FTW! 

d.      TGIF line up, Nick after Dark
Nick after Dark was originally called SNICK which was legit the coolest thing to happen to TV when I was a kid. The line up was
Clarissa Explains it All
Ren and Stimpy
and Are You Afraid of the Dark?
If you don't know what Roundhouse was you should do yourself a favor and Youtube it. It was pretty much the inspiration behind all of my outfits as well as my attitude.  When it went off the air it was replaced with All That, RIP old Amanda Bynes.  

e.      JTT, Devon Sawa
You can't make me choose between my two boyfriends. I choose them both. Together...in the woods....
Wild America... go....watch it.... you're welcome.

And now that I am officially embarrassed and probably minus about 20 readers I will end this weeks edition. Next weeks theme is Fears so I probably won't be redeeming myself any time soon...


  1. I love the movie WIld America. I remember my mom wouldn't let us watch Roundhouse because she thought it was vulgar, lol.

  2. I am dying! Bring your caboodle to my house STAT so we can binge on some Dawsons Creek ASAP!

  3. I loved my caboodle... I wanna go to Kimmy's house too... 90 party!!!

  4. Love your blog. I've linked up but not sure if I've done it correctly. My blog is just starting to take more of a parenting theme with my conversation corner and I'm looking for people to guest blog if you would be interested?