Thursday, November 14, 2013

Step up to the Bar(re)

I’m super sickies today.
I have had a horrible cough for the past few weeks but haven’t felt that bad.
I got sent home from work Tuesday because I work in the medical field, and no one wanted to hear my hacking up a lung.
I swallowed my pride and went to the doc and she said bronchitis and possibly walking pneumonia.
She said I would need a chest x-ray to diagnosis the pneumonia definitively so being the good patient I am I said told her there was no need for her to schedule it, I would call them when I left….
…meaning I’m not going.
This morning I woke up and there was a boa constrictor around my chest and my voice is totally gone.

Looks like I’m going in for a fricking chest x-ray today.
Oh well I brought a book, and I love waiting in doctors offices because I get a chance to read.
I hope this shit blows over before the weekend, because on Sunday I am going to a Barre class to review for the blog!
This is my very first bloggers meet up.
There is a group in my state that does meet up events such as the Barre class as well as water fall repelling and Ice climbing…yeah don’t sign me up for that.

This is the first one I can actually attend, so I’m excited to meet other bloggers, but even more excited to try this class.
My friend Lauren and I would love to try other crazy types of exercise and I would love to review them for the blog so you guys can laugh at me before you try it yourself!!
Somethings I would be interested in doing are Bikram Yoga and Fitness Pole Dancing.
There are also some more main stream fitness classes such as Body pump and Zumba as well.
I’m looking into all of these so I’ll keep you updated.
If there is some crazy class or not so crazy class that you have always wondered about let me know.
If it’s available in my Podunk town or near by I will do it!

It’s also Thursday and that means…drum roll…. THANKFUL THURSDAYY

This week I am thankful for

My friend Lauren, her support, advice, talent, and inspiration is astounding.

My friend Becky, she juggles more than she can handle and she makes it look so easy, she’s loyal to a fault and if I ever wanted to go white girl crazy on a bitch I know she would be down.

My sister-in-law Joni who is also one of my very best friends. I don’t think she’s aware how monumental her presence has been in my life, we went from co-workers, to friends, to family.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll ….just kidding I live in NH 


  1. I love barre classes! They are a great workout. I'm always super sore after class. Bikram yoga is one of my favorites too but it's expensive so I can't do it as much anymore.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Love ya Girl! Keep up the good work....get better while you are at it!