Monday, November 18, 2013

Biggest Loser # Dos and a Big Face

No that's not a hashtag, it's that old thing called a number sign.
You remember.... you might also know it as the pound sign. 
Either way. 
Saturday was my second weigh in, and are you ready
I'm down 2 more pounds!! 
2 pounds exactly. 
That was my goal and I hit the nail on the head, so I figure I'll set myself another goal for 2 pounds this week. 
With all the stuff I'm coughing up I'm sure it'll be easy. 
The chicken salad I made this weekend was good, but not amazing
I'm going to keep working on it and when I perfect it I'll give you guys a holla. 
I tried a Booty Barre class this week with Blog&TweetNH and my legs and booty hate me today for real. 
I will do a full review on Thursday so keep an eye out!! 

In the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of blog exchanges, such as the Post Exchange with JustJacq and The Friendly Fall Swap with Alicia, Jodi and Britney. I also did the Cara Box exchange which is run by Wifesionals, I sent mine to Veronica, and I received mine from Katie

I love getting things in the mail, but through all of these exchanged I have gotten way more than just mail. 
I can honestly say that I have made some great friends through them. You may even have noticed that two of those girls up there (Jodi and Katie) are co-hosts on my Tuesday This or That link up (which is tomorrow so get ya shit together, questions are at the bottom!). 

I love love loved my package from Jodi and you can read all about it here
My package from Katie was insane, like I cried and my husband rolled his eyes. 
She wrapped everything individually with cute little "clues" on each one.

I can honestly say that she took the time to thoroughly stalk me through my blog and Instagram and sent me stuff that was clearly right up my ally. 
Clif bars are my new obsession and the Mint Chocolate is out of this world. 
She included the whole family in on this gift including our mutts.
Side note, Katie did not give me a car... or anything that needed a key... Mabel refused to take it out of the picture!

Mae was super impressed and thought my friend was friends with Santa... no joke.
The last thing I opened said "something to add to your collection" and my husband said "oh great just what you need another scarf"
What I got was 10 million times better than a scarf. 
It was a new Big Face shirt
So. Good. 

Okay questions for tomorrow's link up!
Fears dun dun dunnn
  • Heights or deep water
  • Snakes or Spiders
  • Losing all your teeth, or losing all your hair
  • No voice or No hearing
  • Eating a bug, or eating intestines. 
See ya back here tomorrow! In the mean time check out this picture I found when I was using my big girl camera. 


  1. Congrats on the 2 pounds, that's amazing :) Keep it up lady!! And your daughter is precious :)

  2. WTG!!! I think I found those 2 pounds...whah!

  3. I'm FINALLY catching up on blog reading from last week!! Way to go on the 2 pounds!! You're doing awesome!! And, the friggen handstand push up! BOOM!!! What's this Cara Box? Maybe I need to sign up for that one too!!