Friday, October 31, 2014

Trunks and Treats and all that Jazz

Last night we took part in our first ever Trunk or Treat. 
If you have know idea what that is like me before last week it's like trick or treating but car to car instead of house to house. 
A lot of people decorate their trunks and have music the whole shebang, so I decided to give it a go and looked at Pintrest. 
I found this and thought duhhh we have too  

 I crafted for hours and this is what I got 

Nailed it!! 
Well at least I think so. 
Then I also created some thrown together outfits for tonight 

Hopefully it all works out! 
Have you ever done a Trunk or Treat? Are your kids dressing up? 
Show me your cuties on Facebook!! 


  1. Trunk or Treat started as a thing around here last year. My nephew does a little cheerleading group for kids with special needs (he has autism), and they did it last week where they practice. So cute! Your car looks bad ass, you go girl!