Monday, October 6, 2014

This Post Just Won't Write Itself

***This post was written early this morning but my internet was all "nah it can wait til later***
Believe me I've tried.
Sorry I've been so MIA friends! I usually write my posts early in the morning before the kids wake up, and lately I've gotten one foot on the floor before the kid wake up. 
So the blog falls to the way side, but alas here I am!! 
I love my blog so hopefully I can get back into it. 
In an attempt to stay current and avoid too many "scheduled posts" I hereby proclaim Mondays Candra's Monday Musings. 
Which means I will just start writing without a real purpose and see what happens! 
That means it will probably be posts entirely dedicated to Capitan Hook and cupcakes.
Seriously Killian stop being so yummy.

Speaking of Tv I am super happy Once Upon A Time is back because I was having Big Brother withdrawals and I in order to follow my tv rules I needed another show. 
Tv rules you ask? 
Sure I'll explain. 
I work all day and when I'm not at work I'm a full time mom and that means I watch a lot of kids shows. 
Honestly I'm okay with it.

I cannot stand tv that makes me worry about my kids getting killed or kidnapped, the world coming to its end, or my husband sleeping with the town to lower our water bill. 
I watch tv to ESCAPE reality, not be afraid of it.
I would much rather let me kids watch educational kid shows or find something we can all watch. 
Don't get me wrong my husband loves Law and Order, but he loves me more so he watches them while I'm in the shower. 
I am not the type of person who wakes up and watches the news. 
We watch Wild Kratts.
I also don't fall asleep to the latest fall tv dramas.
I fall asleep to the melodious sounds of Guys Big Bite.

Everyone has there own thing and I don't hate you if you watch crime shows.
I do hate you if you ask me over for a marathon. 
Unless it's Once Upon a Time.
I'll bring the wine.

What kinda of shows do you watch? What do you think about crime shows? 


  1. I watch ALL shows! haha! I do like crime shows... I read true crime books, too.

  2. I watch #alltheshows... Really I only watch reality television, Greys, Scandal, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Nashville... I think that's about it. I will be honest, I used to be really into Law and Order: SVU but that shit is just way too scary and depressing...

  3. I cannot stand the news! I never watch it, it depresses me. I would just like a news channel where it's nothing but good news. I'm sick of only seeing bad news. Blah!

    Mandie ~

  4. I am a TV junkie I love everything and I am so excited that all my shows are coming on again here soon!!

  5. I watch tv shows on HGTV, History, Discovery and sometimes TLC. My big shows on network tv right now are the biggest loser and Hells kitchen. I'm sure kiddos don't watch hells kitchen but Chef Ramsey is quite the personality. Esther Norine Designs

  6. Mmmmm hook! 💙 him! And falling asleep to food network is also a favorite!