Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Let's Talk Distance

The number one question my friends and family ask me about running (besides whyyyyyyy???) is 
"Are you going to run one of those marathons now?"
The short answer, hell no
The long answer maybe, but probably no.
I am slow like slow slow. Like slower than molasses in winter, and if you don't know how slow that is you probably aren't from New England. 
I honestly have no desire to run for like 7 hours which is probably how long a full marathon would take me.
Might I remind you I ADDED time to my second half. 
I have done a 5k, 10k and a half marathon. 

I do enjoy running halfs and I will be running more, but that got me thinking about my goals for my next half.
Do I even have goals for my next half? 
Usually my only goal is to not die and to not walk. I don't care about my time, except it is kind of a bummer that when I finally do finish all the good race food is gone and the vendors are closing up. 
That's not so good for my ego. 
But again I usually don't care because I just ran for 3 straight hours.
I would love to get a sub 2:30 half under my belt but will I cry at the finish line if I don't? 
No I will cry at the finish line because I alway cry at the finish line. 
Remember this gem 

A friend of mine (told you I would write about you) said she thinks we should make 10ks the new cool thing. 
I totally agree. I could see myself pushing for a new PR on every 10k. 
It's like the perfect distance, long enough to get into stride but not so long that I have to tell myself 
"If you don't keep running you are a bitch".
Maybe we should start our own 10k and have beer at every mile. I could totally do 6 beers and keep running.... 
Hey Tiff I think we should make this a thing. 
Plan that shit and I'll see you at the start line, maybe not at the finish. 


  1. I always wonder how ppl set goals for their halfs after they do their first. I guess whatever you can set as a goal to keep you goin! And dont worry if you think your're slow... The fact that ur doing it is pretty dang awesome!

  2. 10k is a good distance! I've done a bunch of 5ks, one 10k and 1 half. I've been doing T25 and Piyo which has really helped with my running time. I'd love to run a full marathon - the nyc marathon on Sunday got me thinking. BUT, I have a lower back issue (which hasn't bothered me for like 6 months, but still). I'm scared I might die lol. After the half, I was in terrible back pain for a good 3 days.

  3. My 10k is the longest I've ever run! I agree though, it's an attainable fun distance. The Market Square Day one is a lot of fun....

  4. Hahaha. I love this post.

    I told Holly when I met her that we should make 5ks the new thing :)

    I MIGHT could do a 10k, but I'm not sure I even want to at this point. 3 miles feels pretty darn good :)

  5. Congrats on your half! I totally crapped out on mine. I decided to shoot for a sub-30 5K instead.

  6. I love this idea...sign me up...the 10K is the longest Ive gone...itching to get back into it though :) Half here I come...maybe :)

  7. My goal for running up a hill is don't die. I can't imagine a half marathon or a marathon, or even a 5K at this point. Get it, hot shit!!

  8. The first annual blog wives 10K--let's do it!!! :)
    You are a beast at running though!