Sunday, October 26, 2014

That Race I Never Trained For

Yesterday I ran a half marathon with out really training.
Before I say anything else let me say I DO NOT recommend doing this. 
I wanted to back out. Like really really back out. 

Fake a fall, get  diariahh, anything. 
Then I remembered why I was running this race in the first place. 
Why I worked so hard for all that fundraising. 
For all those kids that can't run. Who are stuck in hospital beds day after day. 
This thought got me through the entire race. 
That and saying "just one more step" to myself again and again and again. 

This race was not easy. Everyone told me the course was hard before I even started. A woman at around mile 2 told me " this course turns to hell at mile 9"
Oh great, thank you for that encouragement. 
I hate you. 
Just kidding I don't, but seriously move out of my way with your negativity.
At one point in the race at around 9.5 miles we pass back through the start gate. 
My family was there cheering me on and it got me through the last part of the race. 
I finished in a whopping 3:04:17 a whole 10 min slower than my last race, but the fact is I finished. 

Once again I didn't walk I ran the whole thing. That's all that matters to me! 
Not only that but I got to cross the finish line with my greatest achievements. My two babies. 
I also got to run with my neice in her first ever 5k! 

On top of everything I raised $1,200 for all those heros at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth.    
I would say it was an overall amazing day. 
Make sure you come back tomorrow for a huge giveaway and how I raised some of that money! 


  1. Great job Candra! Nothing about what you did was easy, from the fundraising to the actual mileage, but you nailed it! Rock on!

  2. Congratulations hon!!! You even have a great smile after all that hard work!