Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stranger Things Have Happened

This morning I was handed a hundred dollar bill.
That's right 100 smackers.
My mind immediately starting thinking about all the things I could buy. 
I could fill my tank with gas drive to the grocery store and buy half a weeks worth of groceries
I could buy 41 iced coffees

I could see a movie in the theater 10 straight times, with no pee breaks 
I could buy ONE new camo jacket
I could pay off a student loan
Just kidding but I could invite a friend over and buy enough wine to forget about my student loans.
Then I could still have enough money left to buy a greasy breakfast in the morning to cure my hangover 
I could feel less anxiety about my upcoming jury duty.... 
I could ship a really heavy package to anywhere I want, or I could just ship something normal without the fear that I will have to take out a loan to pay the mailman

I could buy six goats that are posted on craigslist in our town right now. 
Actually I might really buy those. 
I could do a lot with 100 dollars. 
Too bad no body actually handed me a hundred dollar bill. 
I did recently hear about Dollar Shave Club and how you can save around $100! Between the ghetto leg rippers I use and the diamond encrusted shaver heads my husband the subscriptions are perfect for us.
Some of the razors are even as low as $3.
They even ship them right to your door, which if you live in the woods (like me) is super helpful.

Does anyone use this service? What kind of razor do you use?


  1. You could do a lot with $100...I personally like the goat idea. Ha! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  2. Seriously, what is up with men requiring freakin' expensive razors?!?! I use cheap disposables and my husband (who has a beard!) needs really expensive razors? Wha...