Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haircut Problems

am super tempted to go all Britney and shave my head today. My hair is too long and it's driving me insane. 

I can't do anything with it and it takes me 20 min just to brush it. 
I also can no longer afford a bottle of conditioner a week. 
So today I made the appointment. 
I love my hairdresser and totally trust her so I'm just going to show her some of the following pictures and tell her to go for it. 

Which would you choose?? 


  1. ooooohhhhhh, I love all of them

  2. OMG what did you search to find those types of results.. I have been looking for the same thing!!! not too short but not too long!

  3. I just had my hairdresser cut 8 inches off mine...I have super thick naturally curly hair. I couldn't afford conditioner anymore either!

  4. Bangs are a bitch. If you have curly hair at. all. they will haunt you until the day you die. Or grow them out. Definitely go shaggy with choppy layers and bangs that are longer than your nose. Good luck!

  5. I brought all of those pictures to my hairdresser too! I asked for a "long lob" and she started laughing at me :) But, that's exactly what I got and I LOVE it! You really can do anything with it, including a bun or pony tail.