Friday, October 10, 2014

She's pretty cool

So a friend of mine Tia who blogs over at Hands on Pants Off decided to start a link up where we brag and show off another blogger.

I have lots of blog friends who need to be shown off so I loved this idea. 
I also have lots of blog friends who no longer blog and make me want to cry 
*ahem Amber and Alicia*
But that's a post for another day.
Honestly it's hard for me to think of just one blog I love so I'll probably join in this link up a few times.
Today I bring you a southern, sassy, powerful, accomplished, so fancy blogger....
Aubrey Leigh from Alguninterrupted.

I'm biased because we are both blogwives but duh that's cause we are awesome. 

The thing I love most about her blog is her continued honesty about weight loss. 
Sometimes it just plain sucks. Sometimes you want fried food and beer. Sometimes running and working out sucks and other times you have that run that makes you feel unstoppable. 

She is straightforward about it all. 
Homegirl don't sugar coat nothing! 
She's a busy mom of two with a full time job but she also finds time to celebrate her marriage and enjoy her husband. 
They love Friday selfies. 

If I had the time and energy I would scroll through my phone and show you a few.
Aubs is too cool for Facebook but she's on Instagram here and her blog is here 
She's an IIFYWWP pro ( if it fits your weight watchers points) so you can ask her anything. 
She's also pretty good at matching shoes and inspired me to grow up and buy some heels. 
I love you Aubssss now everyone go show some love!! 

Are you joining in the link up? Who are you loving on today? 


  1. haha!!! So glad you called out Aubrey, because I had trouble deciding on who to call out! I figured I'd her up next time.

    I lurve Aubrey, another momma who works hard and admits the struggles of work/life/healthylife balance.

  2. I'm loving reading all the blogs you are all loving on today! I follow Aubrey on IG, and I love how honest she is with her weight loss journey. Great pick!

  3. I do love Aubrey Leigh.....although, I feel bad because I noticed she didn't publish a recent comment of mine and I felt horrible. Aubrey, I hope if you read this, I didn't mean anything by it mama, I was hoping to lift you up with a bit of a push, if you will. You are a beautiful strong lady and my goal was to help you realize that these little faults...eating poorly one day, not working out a couple in a row,'s no big deal. The bigger picture is that people love and look up to you. I am glad to have "met" you and your blog!!

  4. Love your guts sweetest friend!!! Thank you for doing something so thoughtful for me :)

    You're the best!!!

  5. I haven't read that one, so I have to go check her out!

  6. I have so enjoyed reading your blog! In fact, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can read all about it (and accept your award!) here: