Friday, October 24, 2014

Some of the Greats

My day is about to be super long so my blog post is about to be super short...
I'm linking up with Tia at Hands On Pants Off again to spread some love. 

When I started blogging there were a few bloggers that I could not get enough of. 
They were funny, nice, honest, and caring.
They were all moms on their weight loss journey too so I feel in love. 
Then they all stopped blogging....
Womp womp
Here is my tribute to those whose time has passed.

Amber from Crafty Healthy Mommy
She's still crafty and still healthy but she just now only on Instagram

Alicia from Brew Mama
Again still likes her brew. Still insanely busy. Like seriously crazy busy, and still on Instagram!

Val from Fab Chick Gets Fit
She's still doing her thang and she still posts every once in awhile but her Facebook is still bomb 

Jenn from Fatchick2fitchick
One of my all time favorites and one of the reasons I started. She's doin her own thing and running fitness and healthy eating groups through Facebook 

And Ms. Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally
I still think we were seperated at birth but she may disagree. She stopped blogging so she could have more time to clean her  house which is OR room clean already. 

Ugh I miss these ladies but maybe some day they will be back.... Until then I will wait patiently. In two weeks I will show you all my new favorite blogs! 


  1. It makes me sad when bloggers I love to read stop blogging. I follow Val on IG, love her!