Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday and Post Exchange

I haven't been blogging that long, but I have already met some amazing people.
One of these people is Jacquelyn over at JustJacq
I have mentioned her quite a bit, and she runs a post exchange where you are paired up with someone and you can send just a little note. 
You can read about the exchange and sign up for October here
We exchanged a few emails, and she told me she hated the color red.... 
I was in love. 
I would totally be okay if I never saw that color again. 
I don't know why but I hate it. 
I don't even buy Red Delicious apples because that's too much red. 
She also is an avid reader and we shared lots of great books titles. I have many more to add to my list. 
She was so sweet the whole time Chippy was in the hospital and totally understood when I mailed my post late. (Thank you again).
She told me she enjoyed knitting which is one of my favorite hobbies.
She does great blog posts on her outfits and even tells you where you can find similar pieces at very responsible prices. 
Personally I love that she tells the story behind the pieces instead of just where she bought them.
I loved these posts so much I knitted her a simple scarf that I hope hold a great story for her. 
This is the card she sent me, and it's hanging in my office now, because that's kinda what I picture myself to look like when I get ready in the morning. 

Also her signature is amazing and I'm jealous 

I'm excited to get paired up with a new partner for October, and if you sign up it could be YOU!

I'm also linking up for Thankful Thursday because everyone has things they are thankful for and I personally have a lot, these are just some things I'm thankful for this week.
Crystal Michelles Mess
I'm thankful my husband finally took the air conditioner out of our bedroom
I'm thankful we aren't scrapping for bills next month
I'm thankful for the amazing colors of fall, and even more so for the amazing colors of fall wardrobes!
I'm thankful for Fall TV (side note if you are looking for a  great podcast reviewing all the new shows coming out take a look at Insert Pop Culture Reference Here. One of my blogcrushes started a great new podcast and combined two of my loves...four if you count her and Holly.)
I'm thankful for my kids and husband even though I told them they were driving me to drink and live in a box while I was walking out the door this morning.
I'm thankful for my friend Becky because when she runs into me at Wal-mart after a week of no sleeping and no showering she just gives me hug and doesn't even mention how I look like a homeless person. I love her.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!


  1. Lol you know I just realized that that card has a lot of red in it! Woops! And it is one of my favorite cards because she looks so snarky about how fabulously put together she is. And thanks for the signature comment! You make me laugh

  2. Isn't it sooo nice to be thankful for stuff some days and think about the good? Thank you so much for linking up with us :) I look forward to reading your blog!!

  3. We are still waiting to take our AC out of our bedroom window...I feel like every year I am tricked into taking it out to soon...and then as soon as I do - Bam! Hot fall day! Maybe this weekend :)