Friday, September 20, 2013

5 things I Learned This Week

I'm finally home!!!
I'm celebrating by participating in Five on Friday
In true Candra style I like to turn everything in my life to laughter and comedy so here are the five things I learned from living out if hospital rooms all week.

1. It's true what they say, you don't miss something until its gone.
I wanted nothing more than a long hot shower and a pair of clean underwear. 
Chip was only supposed to go into a doctors appt and said appt was at 730
A frickin M. 
An hour away...
The night before I was a little more worried about a good nights rest than finishing that load of laundry...
That held  all of my clean under ware....
Flash forward four days later and I'm begging the nurses to find me an extra pair of scrub pants to cover my commando ass...
this is what I look like after four days with no showerweww

2. Not all hospitals have cheap ass food. 
Hospital number one had a less than awesome cafeteria but the prices were insanely cheap.
Hospital number two had an awesome cafeteria with so many choices and so many hidden prices...
$.50 for a packet of ketchup....uh yeah no.
3. When the nurses shut the light off so you can " get some rest" 
They really mean good luck trying to take 15 min power naps because we are going to wake your sleeping and irritable child every hour to take vitals 

4. Not all doctors have their shit together 
We got discharged this morning and we were all set to go by 10:30 but paperwork takes an hour or more to fill out and complete 
Apparently the information travels slower 
We had four doctors come in and ask us where we were hoping to go....
....uh we are going home that's where we are going 

5. Chip is cute no matter where he is

Thanks for all the good thoughts everyone! 
Hope everyone has a reason to celebrate today!!! 


  1. Yay! Glad you're home. Hope Chip is feeling better :)

  2. Hooray for being home! Hope your little man is feeling better...and that you got to take a nice long hot shower! Um, $0.50 for a ketchup packet is CRAZY! Did they charge to use the salt shakers too?? ;)